Unique Table Centerpieces for your Baby Shower

February 27, 2014
Amanda Waters

unique table centerpieces

Do you really want to present another floral arrangement as your baby shower centerpiece? Be different and choose these unique table centerpieces that will create a wow factor to all your guests. They are going to be the big hit of your party, so you have to put some serious thought on it. Balloons and flowers might be classic, but we are now living in a modern environment where we have so much more choices than that. Why stick to the usual when you can have amazing alternatives for unique table centerpieces? We will present you some cool ideas that will take your party to the next level!

Baby shower trends in 2014 bring new styles in decorations. Creative ideas are the ones that gain ground more and more. If you demonstrate innovation to your guests, you will steal the show and your baby shower will be the talk of the town for months. Unique table centerpieces can help you achieve this goal and we are here to tell you how exactly to do it.

Candles as Unique Table Centerpieces

Candles are among the best decorations you could have for your unique table centerpieces. You need to match the color of the candles with the overall baby shower theme. Contrast is also acceptable. Funky combinations can be tricky but they can pay off if you do your math. Did you know there is a whole lot of science behind matching colors? It’s what web designers use in order to match colors for the websites you visit. Colorblender is the most popular service of its kind and can assist you with matching colors of candles. If you need inspiration, take a look at the following amazing purple synthesis and then use your imagination to pick your own color scheme.

unique table centerpieces for baby shower

If you are a big fan of flowers and you can’t live without them, you can use them to surround your candles. This will create a more natural scene and will create a more eco-friendly atmosphere. Don’t forget that flowers are seasonal, and you need to pick the ones that are really fresh. If you want something extra ordinary, opt in for baby bottles instead of the usual vases. Go the extra mile and choose these amazing mini tissue paper flowers that will stand out from the crowd! Look how beautiful they look:

unique table centerpieces for baby shower paper tissue

Supplies for your Unique Table Centerpieces

Select the crafts that you will need carefully. Don’t sacrifice quality for a better price. Having said that, you shouldn’t buy expensive supplies just because they have a higher price tag. One thing is for certain. Quality has nothing to do with price. You can find nice affordable stuff if you look around. Take your time and do some shopping around from your local supply stores. Special craft shopes can also have many ideas for you. If time is more important for you, bigger malls like K-Mart can be helpful. Last but not least, you can find amazing prices on-line. Some of the best crafts available out there are web exclusive. The only thing is that you don’t get to touch and feel the supplies for your unique table centerpieces. You just have to read the product details carefully and look for other people’s feedback on the comments section. The variety of shops on Etsy is mind blowing, just do a search for unique table centerpieces and you will find dozens of suggestions!

Diaper Cake as a Unique Table Centerpieces

Hillarious and super fun, a cake that has been built from diapers can be the most amusing thing of your shower. Unique table centerpieces need to be appealing to all guests, to attract their attention and create a memorable effect. Diaper cakes can easily do the job, as they are a all-in-one solution. They are not only your baby shower centerpiece, but it can also act like a gift basket. Moreover, the baby items found on such cakes can be used by your guests while playing baby shower games.

DIY Unique Table Centerpieces

If you know your guests and you are certain that they are an energetic lot, then you can also chose the following fun activity to get everyone involved. Prepare and bake the baby shower cake! This will get everyone involved and will unleash their creative cooking! The entire process can be served as a unique baby shower centerpiece and the cake will proudly sit in the middle of your table.

Alternatively, you can use “crowd sourcing” techniques to help you out with the decorations! In this novel approach, DIY is not merely Do It Yourself. It’s plural, so it’s Do It Yourselves! Yes, that’s right. No more sitting around, doint nothing kind of baby shower. A few trusted guests, probably within the inner cyrcle of friends, will be invited a bit earlier in order to help you with the baby shower decorations. Be careful who to invite, you don’t want to disapoint anyone (check our guide on who to invite to nail this down).

unique table centerpieces diaper cake

Gift Basket Unique Table Centerpieces

We love gift baskets because they contain everything future mothers will need after the new baby arrives. You can use gift baskets as part of your unique table centerpieces in order to show your deep appreciation for all the generous presents you received from your friends. If the gift basket is in line with your overall theme, you’ll get extra kudos! For examle, check the following four gift baskets from Beau Coup, for less than $100 each:

Bath time

unique table centerpieces baby shower gift baskets

Just Hoppin’ – Frog Themeunique table centerpieces baby shower gift basketsPrecious Baby – Ideal for Welcoming a Baby Girl

unique table centerpieces baby shower gift baskets

Welcome Baby Bassinet

unique table centerpieces baby shower gift baskets

Asian Unique Table Centerpieces

If you are planning to have an Asian theme for your baby shower, you can buy Japanese lanterns and use them as the base of each arrangement. One of the coolest idea we have seen, is to surround the lantern with bamboo pots. Another way is to use votive candles. If this sounds too difficult, you can also buy a ready to install Japanese baby shower kit from Insta Themes for only $20. Games included! Either way, you will need a traditional table setting from Japan or China to finish off your unique table centerpieces. Without doubt, your guests haven’t seen anything like this before, unless they have visited our site!

Have we given enough inspiration in order to choose among the best unique table centerpieces? Use your imagination to add more baby shower items into the mix. The possibilities are really endless. The ideas will flow once you relax and open up your mind. The most unforgettable moments of a baby shower come from distintive table centerpieces.

Bingo Baby Shower Games

February 20, 2014
Amanda Waters

bingo baby shower

Bingo baby shower is an amazing theme for those who are big fans of the popular board game. It will give you endless fun and nice memories of an extremely successful baby shower. It is a classic baby shower theme and considered one of the safest bets you can have. Everyone loves bingo, it’s exciting and you never get bored of it!

The fact that most people already know the rules of bingo baby shower, it can utilized as an effective icebreaker among guests who are not familiar with each other. You will have to divide your friends in teams, and this can stimulate communication and interaction between them. Bingo baby shower can help your guests get to know each other faster than any other game or theme.

Bingo baby shower planning is so easy that anyone can manage without too much hussle. Even if you are a busy working person that don’t have too much time, you can still pull off an amazing bingo baby shower by following our simple step-by-step guide:

Supplies for Bingo Baby Shower

The first thing on your list should be getting the bingo cards and some markers. You don’t have to worry about gifts and snacks now, you can prepare these seperately. You, as the host of the shower, should have the cards ready before the party starts. However, in some cases it is also appropriate to ask your guests to bring their own hand made cards. This can be more difficult to manage because you can’t be sure if they will spend the time to prepare as they should. Preperation is key, and as a host it’s better to have everything ready to eliminate any bad surprises. You can buy Baby Shower Bingo Game online that includes 15 bingo cards. The set also comes with markers and caller cards. The beautiful pastel color stands out as premium quality that your guests will love!

baby shower bingo set

Bingo baby shower themes are also super fun! For example, check out this awesome Wild Safari Baby Shower Bingo Set. When you open the lovely box, you will find 428 pieces per set in one unique theme that can blend in with your overall safari baby shower theme. Cute elephants, funny lions, tropical birds and funny looking tigers with vivid colors will set the mood and entertain your guests!

baby shower bingo safari

Bingo baby shower is all about writing down the gifts you expect. In some other forms of bingo baby shower, guests will draw nice pictures related to babies. Unleash your friends creativity in this fun and interactive way and see amazing draws on the cards! The most popular bingo baby shower cards have 25 blocks (5×5 ) or 36 blocks (9×9). We don’t recommend going further than that as it will be too complex and difficult to end. A successsful game needs to be simple without too much effort. After all, it is a party! Celebrating the arrival of the new baby is the key reason you got there in the first place, not to compete with each other to death.

Bingo Baby Shower Rules

So how are you going to play bingo baby shower games? In case you haven’t played this cool bingo version before, follow these simple rules. The host usually deals the cards to each player. Guests are then expected to draw all things baby. Pacifiers, high chairs, bathtubs for infants, baby slings or even a diaper! If you are a natural drawing talent, you can even go for more complicated items like a baby stroller. Now it’s your chance to show off your advanced shadowing techniques that you developed over the years!

bingo baby shower template

The cards are then thrown in a box or a hat and you (the host) will mix them together. Get the future mother to draw the cards and read the name out loud. Players should match the names to pictures found on their bingo baby shower cards. The first player to fill up every single item on their card, wins! You can prepare a small gift for your winner, something cute and symbolic to remind the amazing time you had on your baby shower.

Similar rules apply for the second version of the bingo baby shower, where you will ask guests to guess the baby shower gifts. Each time the mother to be unwrapps a new gift and reveals the present, players mark down the gifts that they have on their bingo baby shower cards. The highlight of the game is of course the moment that someone shouts Bingo! This means that she has filled all the gift items on her card and she won the game. A bit of luck is always handy in bingo baby shower games, don’t you think?

Even if your guests come from a different age group, they can all have fun and enjoy with this simple bingo baby shower theme. It’s so easy that even little children or elder people can follow without any trouble! That makes it perfect for family oriented baby showers that can have invited grandparents and granchildren.

Follow the trend and get into the bingo baby shower craze. You will create lasting memories of fun as you will have players hooked up for hours and hours. People can’t have enough of bingo baby shower games, and it will be a sure hit for the party of the year!

5 Reasons Not to Use Free Baby Shower Games

February 12, 2014
Amanda Waters

5 Reasons Not to Use Free Baby Shower Games

Google “free baby shower games” and you will come with 73,200,000 search results. This is just a simple example to give you an idea of how many free baby shower games you can find out there. But before getting over excited about this, hold on and ask yourself if this the right thing to do for your party. Sure you can save a lot of money. They are free and you can instantly download them on your computer, print and use when you want. If you don’t like them, you can easily switch by downloading another printable game. It’s that simple.

However, there are some disadvantages on using free baby shower games. We don’t like to spoil the fun, but we want to give you all the details up front in order to help you make an informantive decision before it’s too late. Having all facts in front of you will make you more comfortable making up your mind. The final decision is totally up to you. We just want you to be as much prepared as possible.

So let’s have a closer look at free baby shower games and why do we think you need to give it a second thought before choosing one of them.

1. Free baby shower games are not really free!

So you found a great collection of printable free baby shower games and you are ready to hit that print button. Have you thought about the real cost of ink and paper? You might think that this is peanuts, but it all adds up if you have a large number of guests. In fact, some cheap printers have ridicilusly high prices for their ink and they usually cost a fortune to maintain. If you prin 100 colored cards, you end up with a broken printer and you will have to fix it, spending more than what you originally planned. As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The same basic principle applies here. Free baby shower games are never 100% free!

Free Baby Shower Game - Think of Ink real cost

2. Free baby shower games: They just don’t look that nice

Even if you have the latest piece of technology, a high specs printer with the greatest color scheme and photo realistic quality, it will be hard to much a professional print out made from the factory or from a shop that specializes in cards and games. No matter how much you will try to cut and embed the various parts of the free baby shower games, you will hardly match the end result available in the market. And it will not go down unnoticed. Your guests will know. If you don’t mind admitting that you used free baby shower games, then that might not be a problem. If you don’t care about details, that’s fine by us. But if you are really looking on a high-quality overall result, then you might want to look around. Free baby shower games might not be for you if you are an attention freak or a perfectionist.

Free Baby Shower Games

3. You get what you paid

If you didn’t pay anything, expect nothing. This means that if you have downloaded free baby shower game then please don’t have high expectations. You can’t beat the professionals and you will never reach their level of artistic excellence. Unless you are some kind of creative genius, or you are a work-from-home artist already selling your crafts on Etsy, and you have extensive experience in building material and DIY stuff, then you might find yourself in a bad place. Websites will tell you how easy it was to assemble things in 4 easy steps, but in reality you will find that this is never true. It’s never that simple, unless you are very familiar with DIY practices.

4. Free baby shower games takes a lot of time to prepare

If you are a busy person who spends most of your time working, chances are you won’t find any time to spend to research, download and build free baby shower games. If you don’t get professional help or buy them from a shop, you will have to do it all by yourself. Supposing that you don’t receive any help from anyone, this can add a great workload on your daily routine. If you are already late with the overall baby shower planning (guest list, invitations, decorations, gifts, favors, etc) then it’s not so wise to add more stress on yourself by dealing with free baby shower games. For some people time is more important than money. After all, time is money!


5. Future mother would not be thrilled to see free baby shower games on her special day

Imagine you are pregnant and your best friend is throwing a baby shower for you. You walk in and everything is perfect. The invitations are high quality, decorations are amazing and food is just delicious. The baby shower cake is the best piece of desert you have ever tasted. And then, you see these poor-quality printed free baby shower games show up. Ask yourself: how would you feel? Be honest. You know you wouldn’t like it. Maybe you wouldn’t mind, but at least you would notice. The thing is that most parents would appreciate if their friends didn’t use free baby shower games and money is not the reason. It’s about execution. If you have spend so much time and money to make everything perfect, don’t spoil the fun by introducing poorly prepared cut outs that you found on a website offering free baby shower games. It will just ruin everything. Even if they don’t say anything to insult you (well, you are close friends and they wouldn’t say anything but thank you!) free baby shower games might be that small gray detail, a moment that they will remember as a bit off. Don’t let that happen!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not preaching about spending a fortune on your baby shower games. You don’t have to get a loan to organize affordable baby shower games. Just have a look on our suggestions and you will see how you can create something out of nothing. The trick is to use your budget smart, not try to cut corners. We will never advise anyone to sacrifice quality. Because baby showers are one of the most important days of your life and you need to make it special from every possible angle.

To summarize, if you are about to search for free baby shower games, think if this is the right choice for you. With so many games that are not expensive, is it really worth it? The choice is yours! Best of luck :)

Affordable Baby Shower Games

February 10, 2014
Amanda Waters

Affordable Baby Shower Games

Are you planning a baby shower on a budget? Check out these affordable baby shower games that won’t cost you a fortune. Fun and inexpensive ideas for everyone! You don’t need to have to spend too much money to have a good time with our clever suggestions. The affordable baby shower games are designed to keep players active and involved using limited or no resources. Walk with us on a path that delivers innovative ways to entertain your guest without compromising the overall quality of the party.

Sounds like mission impossible? Maybe to the inexperienced baby shower planner! If you follow our advice on these amazingly affordable baby shower games, you can save lots. This will give you the freedom to use the money in other baby shower supplies like invitations, decorations or food. If you are struggling to financially support a baby shower, these inexpensive games are going to be a life saver! Do your self a favor and stop worrying about not having too much to spend. It’s not about how much budget you have, it’s all about how you utilize your resource to get the best results you can with what you have.

We are living in difficult times where capital might be tough to raise. There’s no shame in that. The game is changing. People are getting smarter in their financial choices. Having affordable baby shower games will make you a financial champion and you will get the fun award while staying on budget.

Affordable Baby Shower Games no.1 – Time Capsule

Writing on a piece of paper doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. One of the most creative and affordable baby shower games is the Time Capsule. You will have to ask your guests to write a short note for the new baby. It can be anything. From advice, to wishes. From something funny to an important inspirational quote that you too follow in your life. All the notes will be placed in a box that will be sealed in the end and given to the future mom. The box can be decorated with pink flowers if it is a baby girl or blue sky if it is a baby boy. Green is perfect if you don’t know the gender of the baby. Once all notes are in and the box is sealed, you can pass it on to the mother who will have to keep it safe for 15 years! Yes, that’s right, 15 whole years. It is a time capsule after all! When the baby turns fifteen, the mother will open the box and they can sit together to read through all the notes. A sentimental game that can help develop the child’s character and remind the mother the amazing time you had on the baby shower!

Affordable Baby Shower Games - Time Capsule

Affordable Baby Shower Games no.2 – Plant a Tree

Eco-friendly parents will love these as much as your evniromentally concious guests. How about asking your friends and family to plant a tree and naming it in honor of the new baby boy or baby girl? You can share with them some ideas on baby names inspired by nature in order to set up the mood. Just a point to clarify here. This doesn’t mean that you are handing over the naming of the baby to guests! It’s just for the tree. Your guests can take a picture of the tree planting process and bring it to the baby shower. Project the photos on your TV screen using a home sharing device like Apple TV and get people talking about their planting skills!

Affordable Baby Shower Games no.3 – Baby Box

Every guest normally come to a baby shower with a gift. Don’t know what to buy? Check 10 tips on how to find the perfect baby shower present. If they are willing to get a little extra item on the side, you can easily create a new game around it. Enter the Baby Box. Guests bring small babyware with them, something like a pacifier or a rattle. Cheap and inexpensive. At the entrance of your home or venue, find a good location to place a hard carton box where all guests can throw their little side-gift in. You should not be able to see what’s inside, only a hole on top for people to place their small items. When everyone arrives, bring out the box and pass it around. Each guest will have 30 seconds to identify as many items as they can. The person who identifies most objects wins the game!

Affordable Baby Shower Games - Baby Box

Affordable Baby Shower Games no.4 – Poem Advice

Some games can be paired extremely well with certain themed parties. Poem Advice is one of these affordable baby shower games that match “Pamper Mommy” themes perfectly. The rules are very simple. You start by asking one of your guests to write a quick advice for the mother-to-be. The paper is then passed around and each guests adds a new advice, folding each time the paper in such way that the only visible line is the last on the list. In the end, you will have a funny cute little poem for the mom! The way that it each line is joined with the next will bring laughter to your baby shower guests!

Affordable Baby Shower Games no.5 – Diaper Tower

Diaper tower will not only have you spending, but on the contrary is among the few affordable baby shower games that you will end up having a surplass rather than a cost! How? Well, just put a note in the baby shower invitations asking your guests to bring diapers with them. The more they can bring, the better! You can get an inexpensive box of 76 Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers for Newborn from Amazon for only $18.98 (save 24%) delivered straight to your door. Each guest will have to stack the diapers into a tower, one by one. Each take turn and try to make the tower as high as possible. It will get your friends off the couch and super entertained! The best part? Future parents get to keep the diapers – enough to get you going for the first weeks!

Affordable Baby Shower Games - Diapers Towes

Are you going to have fun with our affordable baby shower games? For sure! Leave us a comment and let us know your experience playing these amazingly affordable baby shower games for every pocket!

Baby Shower Supplies: The Ultimate Checklist

February 4, 2014
Amanda Waters

Baby Shower Supplies

The most complete checklist of all the baby shower supplies you will need for your party. We promise you won’t have to look for anything else! We have gathered all the information in this super post to make your life easier. You might not have the time or the experience to hand all the little details. And that’s normal. Planning a baby shower for the first time is not the easiest project you will find. It needs good coordination and even better preparation. The baby shower supplies you will need for the big day are all gathered here.

So let’s break it down for you and go through each of the baby shower supplies one by one. We’ll have the opportunity to dive into more details with links to other parts of CoolBabyShowerIdeas.com where we analyze in more depth each feature.

Baby Shower Supplies: Invitations

Every party starts by an invitation. Even in our computer era where we are so used to Facebook, smartphones and e-mail, you still have to send a printed card for big occasions. Our Your baby shower supplies checklist starts with the printed cards you will need to send to your guests. Invitations need to have the color scheme with the overall baby shower theme. The date of the party and the location of the venue are critical information. Don’t forget RSVP cards asking your friends and family to complete and return by post. This will help you build your guest list and determine the amount of food and drinks you will need. Time wise, baby shower invitations are usually sent at least a month before the big day. Allow sufficient time for postal services to do their work (remember, it’s not an e-mail, so it’s not instant delivery)! Add a bit of extra time if the baby shower is close to major holiday breaks like Thanks Giving or Christmas when people use the post office more often to send greeting cards.

Baby Shower Supplies - Invitations

If you need ideas about what to write in the baby shower invitations, feel free to dig around in our wording tips section. If you feel a bit more creative, then you can get inspired from these amazing baby shower poems that can surpirse any invitation receiver. Check your budget and see what kind of invitations you can afford. Shop around and get as many quotes as you can from your local shops. On-line stores are also a great way to browse baby shower invitations and compare prices.

You can also find free invitations that you can print by yourself, using your printer.  Greetings Island have a huge collection of free printable invitations that you can customize using different themes, colors and fonts. Sort by popularity to get the best designs. Sory by newest to get the most recent designs that are fresh out of the print and have better chances to be seen as unique since they might have not been used in another baby shower before. If you know the gender of the baby, you can also use the boy / girl filter to get blue / pink themes respectively.

Baby Shower Supplies: Thank you Cards

This is actually something that you will need at the end of the party. You might wonder why we put it second on our baby shower supplies checklist instead of last. The reason is because most people forget about it. Once the party is over, they feel so tired and exhausted, they can’t be bothered to do anything else as a follow-up. But people that did show up in your part or sent you a gift did not forget to do so. Please take some time now to prepare your thank you cards before hand so that they are nice and ready when the time comes.

Showing gratitude is the highest quality a person can have. In our modern fast paced society, we tend to forget how important is to close the circle of gratitude by returning a simple “thank you” to our friends that have stunned us with their generocity. Preparing these warm baby shower supplies straight after your invitations, will ensure they have a common theme so that they blend in with the rest of the baby shower neatly. It’s going to be the best closure to your baby shower with a memorable card that will remind your guest the great time they had in your party. Get inspired by these unique thank you quotes and feel free to add your personal touch. If you don’t feel creative at all, you can just send a thank you card with a cool baby shower theme like the bow tie design featured below, suitable for baby boy showers. Notice the personalization elements, name of mom Veronica and new baby Felix. Did you know that Hugh Grant has a baby boy called Felix? Check it out along with other top celebrities baby names!

Baby Shower Supplies - Thank you Cards

Baby Shower Supplies: Games and Prizes

You’ve ordered the baby shower invitations and thank you cards. Perfect, you are already making great progress! What’s next? The baby shower supplies you have to think next are the crafts you will need for the various activities and games of your party. These fun baby shower party games will not just happen by themselves! Someone need to prepare them! Depending on who’s invited (is it a family baby shower or a coworkers baby shower) these games can vary, from the all time favorites to the most unique, unusual and daring games you’ve ever seen! Make sure you have all the right equipment, like diapers and baby pacifiers (useful if you play the baby version of Who Am I?). If you have word games in play, like Baby Boggle, make sure you download and print enough paper templates for all your guests. Once again, make sure the colors and themes are synchronized with the overall baby shower theme. Devil is in the details!

Hold on, I think we have a winner here! Brilliant, congratulations you just found the next champion of the Name Game! Wait, what’s his prize? Yes, you need to think of these prizes as some small gifts that will help people remember the fun time they had during the baby shower games. It’s sometimes appropriate to give a symbolic gift to all participants, especially if you ask them to bring something from home, like a photo of them when they were babies, as you would for the Who is Who game.

Baby Shower Supplies: Decoration of Venue

This is applicable only in large baby showers that have many guests. If you can’t host the baby shower in your home due to a long guestlist, then you need to hire a venue. As it’s not yours to control, you will need to allow enough time to set it up as per your master plan. Decorations, food and drinks, everything needs to be in place and you have to make sure your guidelines are respected at all times. Always have in mind the overall baby shower theme and the details will follow. For example layette baby showers often have a clothesline all around the room. Get the clipped cutouts of baby clothes and hang them with colored paper. If you wish to treat your guests like celebrities, throw a Hollywood themed baby shower, using a red carpet in the entrance. You will get the Best Baby Shower Academy Award by popular demand!

Baby Shower Supplies - Decorations

Baby Shower Supplies: Food and Drinks

As we’ve seen above, you will need to refer back to your baby shower guest list by counting the RSVP that came back with a positive confirmation. Get enough baby shower supplies for food and drink because you having hungry or thirsty guests is just a disaster. Get at least 10% extra of what you think is OK, just  to be on the safe side. Nobody is involved in activities or plays games with an empty stomach! The more choices you have, the better chances you will leave everyone satisfied. As you know food is always a matter of personal taste, so don’t hold yourself accountable for strange last minute requests that you can’t accommodate. By having at least some vegetarian and nut free food to avoid any alergies, you will be fine. Hire a catering company if you need help with professional design or if you have too many guests coming. They will be able to help you with the most amazing baby shower cakes, cupcakes, finger food and drinks. If you want to go the extra mile and move away from the usual soda served, we recommend having these awesome Preggatinis, the coolest non alcoholic cocktails for the mother to be!

Baby Shower Supplies - Preggatinis Coctail Drinks

Baby Shower Supplies: Favors & Souvenirs

Apart from thank you cards and game prizes, you also need to think about giving away baby shower favors as souvenirs of the memorable day you had. Plan your budget in a way that you don’t spend all your money on other baby shower supplies and leave this one last without too much thought. Favors and souvenirs can be inexpensive, all you need is to look around. Look for affordable baby shower favors deals on-line or your local mall. Ensure that your favors compliment the entire baby shower creating a lasting memory of the happy moments.

That’s it, you made it! You are now the next thing close to a professional baby shower planner. Get organized and gather all these baby shower supplies to eliminate any surprises. You now have the ultimate checklist, it’s up to you to make things happen. You can do it! When the baby shower is over, come back here and share your experiences. We would love to hear your story!

Baby Shower Poems for Everyone

February 3, 2014
Amanda Waters

Baby Shower Poems For Everyone

Baby shower poems is a wonderful idea to express deep emotions in invitations, thank you cards and favors. Show your true feelings with these lovely poems! Whether you are a natural talent in writing, or you haven’t really tried poetry before, it’s an amazing way to show how much you care about the arrival of the new baby or how important the presence of your friends is in this special day. You don’t have baby shower every day, so you better take the opportunity to make the most out of it!

Baby shower poems are unique because they are the most personalized way to open up. Honest gratitude for the baby shower gifts can be expressed during the favors if you are the happy mother to be. Joy and light can be spread by guests when they read their own baby shower poems. And of course spreading the good news of the baby welcoming on the baby shower invitations is a cool way for the host to make it as personal as it can get. It will set the tone of a very emotional party that everyone will enjoy!

These fabulous baby shower poems are something more than just words. They incorporate the most memorable moments that you will have from the party. They can be the legacy for the baby. Imagine your son or daughter growing up and reading these poems after 20 years. Some of the people who wrote them might be strangers, others might be close to them and some other not in life. But they can live through their writings. Thus, we can’t highlight more the importance of making an effort to write inspiring baby shower poems that will stand out from any other form of poetry.

Baby Shower Poems to use on Invitations

Have you thought about using baby shower poems on your party invitations? If not, then now it’s the time to do so. It’s never too late to change your plans and add a few words that come out of the heart. They will illuminate your invitations and create a welcoming feeling to your friends who will eventually receive the invitations. If you need more help with the design and themes of your invitations, don’t miss our unique suggestions. For specific help with poems, you can also check these wording tips.

Allow at least 1 hour to sit down, relax and try your best to come up with baby shower poems that fit the overall theme. For example, if this is an owl themed party, then you should have at least 2-3 mentions to owls. If you are struggling to find a way to blend these items, don’t worry about it too much. The most important thing is to make it unique. If you still find it too hard for you conversing this way, then you can always hire a professional to help you out. They have all the experience to literally take words out of your mind and jot them down. It can add to the overall baby shower budget, but it’s a cost worth while. Baby shower poems from professionals can elevate your invitations in the premier league of shower planning!

Baby Shower Poems

Thank You Baby Shower Poems

These baby shower poems are designed to thank the people you have attended your party. It’s important to honor your family, friends and coworkers for coming. Don’t forget that life is short and you should not take things for granted. They have given the time, attention and gifts. Now it’s time to express your gratitude for their generosity. Show them how happy you are that they could come and enjoy this beautiful day with you. Express how overjoyed you feel that you could spend such a momentus occasion with the people you care most. If you are not comfortable with saying thank you over the phone, writing down a thank you poem is the best way to overcome your fear.

Thank you cards are the most appropriate way to respond to people that send their baby shower gifts without showing up. They must have had a good reason not to make it. Either they were too far, or something urgent came up last minute. They might have missed it because they were terribly sick. But they didn’t forget to send you a gift. So, they too deserve a big thank you from the parents. If you need some cool ideas, you can check these thank you quotes for every occasion. They include a special section for baby shower poems that can be used in these cases!

Baby Shower Poems - Thank you

Books Instead of Baby Shower Poems

That’s a new trend that started a few years ago. The concept is based on the fact that cards usually end up in a box and no one actually reads a second time. While this is not true for every family, we can’t ignore the fact that it can be the case for modern children that spend most of their free time on line. If you wish to give baby shower poems with a more practical tone, then bring a book instead of a card!

Books are more valuable than cards because they have a wealth of information and they can shape children’s imagination. Baby books have vivid colors and tell amazing stories with heroes that save princess from dragons. You can use the front page to dedicate the book to the new baby. Write your own poem on the front page and bring the book as a cool add-on baby shower gift. Parents will love the idea and your poem is still going to be immortalized as it’s going to be written down. Get these adorable “Please Bring A Book” cards that can be sent along with your Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed invitations for only $3.50 from The Printable Occasion Etsy store (see sample below).

Baby Shower Poems - Bring a Book

Baby Shower Poems in Favors

Cherish the moment and say thank you in rhyme. Emotions and verse are a perfect match and you can create a nice warm feeling. Poems’ sentiment and prayer can be expressed in baby shower favors. Highlight the fact that the new baby is extremely lucky to have so generous people around them. You all love her or him as their true guardian angels. Baby shower poems in favors can also be funny. Use a bit of humour and put a smile on your guests’ face. Imagine them laughing when they see the favors. Check how cute this short poem looks on the cherry blossom hand sanitizer baby shower favor tag. This is ideal for a pink themed baby shower if the mother to be expects a baby girl. Your guests will die from absolute cuteness!

Baby Shower Poems - Favor Tags

Did you like our baby shower poems? Have you been inspired to write your own poem on invitations, thank you cards or favor tags? We are sure that you have a poet hidden deep inside you. Open up and let your imagination free. Your creativity is endless and now it’s the perfect time to show off your writing skills. Good luck!

5 Fun Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice

January 31, 2014
Amanda Waters

Fun Baby Shower Games

Fun baby shower games can infuse a serious amount of amusement in your party. Check five unique games that will break the ice and get the party started! The most important thing to remember is that fun baby shower games need to be short. If not, you are flirting with the dangerous boring zone. You don’t have to go there. Don’t let your fun baby shower games go on forever. Timing is everything and we are going to show you how to keep things nicely organized.

As you can imagine, fun baby shower games will be inevitably associated with babies. They can be utilized to brake the ice among strangers. Don’t expect everyone to know each other. Mom’s auntie from Brooklyn doesn’t necessarily know the rest of the girlfriends from the NYC office. It’s crucial to have a get to know us better type of fun baby shower games to make everyone feel included. All your guests need to have the feeling that they belong in this party and active involvement is a key trick to grab their attention.

Now let’s think about the time. First thing you need to ask yourself would be if food is going to be served in your baby shower. If not, you can expect to have time to play at least two or even three fun baby shower games, depending on the number of guests. Don’t settle down with only one game as it can pass very quickly and you’ll be left with no ideas to keep the fun going. It’s also a great idea to be prepared for a game not to be so much interactive or amusing. In this case, you might want to have a different game ready as a back up plan. You know what they say: success is preparation meets timing.

So let’s get you prepared and set-up the scene for these super fun baby shower games!

5 Ways to Break the Ice with Fun Baby Shower Games

First things first. You need to have some kind of introductions to make your guests feel more comfortable. Getting to know each other is a great way to break the ice as people tend to feel uneasy when they are among strangers. This particularly important for large baby showers with many guests (wondering who to invite? Check out our baby shower guest list tips and get organized before the big day!).

Baby Version of Who am I

A classic game for all ages, tailor made for baby showers. Guests are invited to stick a piece of paper with a celebrity’s name written on it. Then, they start asking closed questions that can be answered only with a yes or no. For example “Am I a singer?” “Yes”. “Am I female”? “Yes”. “Am I singing R&B?” “Yes”. “Am I Beyonce?” “Yes!”. OK this was a wild guess, but you get the point. Fun baby shower games like these have to be linked with babies or parents, so in this case pick only celebrity kids or famous people that recently had a baby. Using only cartoon names is also another option. There are no strict rules, so let your imagination free!

Baby Boggle

In this game, you will need to ask your guests to build a funny sentence that is related somehow to the new baby and the future parents (both mom and dad to be fair). Then count the number of words linked with baby your friends could come up with in four minutes. Remember, don’t let these games drag. Keep them short and sweet. At the end of this 4 minute break, each guest gets to read his or her list. Duplicates don’t count, so you have to cross them off. The winner is the one with the most remaining words.

Fun Baby Shower Games - Don't Say It

Don’t Say Baby

Upon arrival, give each of your friends a pacifier that they can wear around their neck. Get 24 colorful pieces for only $8.99 from KCraftDepot. Our favorite color combinations are Fuchsia and Turquoise. So you greet your guest at the door telling them how excited you are that they made it on your party and let them know that the entertainment starts right away with fun baby shower games like this one. They are going to ask which one? You then describe the house rules: no one is allowed to say “baby” in this room! Crazy, isn’t it? They are going to freak out! How are they suppose to do that? It is a baby shower after all! Well, that’s where the fun starts. Each time you hear some one saying “baby”, you get their pacifier. So you start to collect as much as you can, remaining careful not to lose any by saying the forbidden word. The person who has the most pacifiers by the time you have the baby shower cake wins an extra piece or extra cupcake as a fun reward!

Fun Baby Shower Games - Don't Say Baby

Who is Who

This game needs a bit of preparation from the guests. That’s why we suggest having such fun baby shower games only when you know the guests a bit better and you can be sure that you can trust them. Ask your friends to send you pictures of themselves when they were a baby. Then you shuffle them and ask each guest to take a guess and match each photo with the corresponding person. Newborn pics are even better, as it makes it harder. If it’s a family baby shower, then it’s going to be much easier because in some cases you don’t even have to ask for the photos. You already got them! You will cry from laughter when you see the results!

The Name Game

Last in our list of fun baby shower games to break the ice is the all-time classic name game. Start by asking your guests to make a note of two names that they think will suit the baby and don’t reveal them until the game starts. This can be done even if the parents have already chosen a name for the baby (if not, and they need help, you can always recommend one of the popular baby names 2014). In this scenario, you will have to imagine that the baby does not have a name yet. Then ask the players to come up with as many words as they can using the names they have chosen. To make things more interesting, introduce a new rule: only words with four or more letter will be accepted. Shorter words will not be counted.The person who gets the most names wins. Remember, players have to keep their two names secret as the rest of the players will have to guess them only from the words that were made using these names. Simple and easy!

Have you heard any other fun baby shower games that can be used to break the ice? We would love to hear about them! Leave us a comment with your own experience going into a baby shower where you knew only the mother to be but still felt like you were among close friends and had a great time. Priceless moments deserve to be shared!

7 Fabulous Baby Shower Gift Baskets

January 30, 2014
Amanda Waters

Baby Shower Gift Baskets

You just received a baby shower invitation and you punched the date on your iPhone calendar. It’s only a few weeks from today and you need ideas on the kind of gift you are going to buy. But hold on, you don’t have a baby and you don’t know anything about them. You are not a mother yet so how are you supposed to know what kind of present to bring to a new baby? And what’s worse, you’ve never attended a baby shower before, so you don’t know what to expect. Time is running and you need fabulous ideas for making the most amazing baby shower gift ever!

Don’t panic! That’s what we are here for. Let’s have a closer look into different options that suit your style and budget. Baby shower gift baskets are one of the most prestigious ways to show you are overjoyed by happiness that a new baby is coming. It can make a huge difference from all other presents, as baby shower gift baskets are often considered the grandest gift of all. And we can’t find a reason why not! Baby shower gift baskets have it all. Read on and explore what do they usually contain.

What’s in Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Baby shower gift baskets often have a large array of little cute things that any baby needs from day one. Don’t know what these items are? OK let’s break it down for you:

  • Soft toys: babys love to play, it’s what they do. Make sure you get cuddly soft toys that cannot harm the baby in any way. If you know the name of the baby already, you can even go further and personalize the gift accordingly. Take a look at this beautiful baby shower gift baskets containing a pink soft, raccoon toy named Sophia (which is  the single most popular baby name in USA) and a plush blue matching toy named Jack. Monogram Perfect can put any name on a large selection of different soft toys for only $12.99 each.Baby Shower Gift Baskets Soft Toys
  • Hats: baby shower gift baskets usualy contain adorable little hats that add extra cuteness to any baby. Baby hats need to be soft as well, as the baby skin is still very soft and fragile. Make sure you decide on the size of the hat according to the age of the baby. If the baby is already born and a few weeks old, then you might want to get a bigger one. Stephanie’s Shop can take care of your custom to order hat according to your color and size needs. These hats are hand made and cost $18 each, so they don’t add too much in the overall baby shower gift baskets cost.Baby Shower Gift Baskets Hats
  • Blankets: a heartfelt crochet baby blanket is a must if you want to spend a bit more. For an exclusive luxurious feel, opt-in for a blanket that uses only the finest texture made of pure silk. It can be costly, but it’s totally worth every single dollar. Check out this hand made premium yarn by lollie couture which comes in three different colors: red and pink for baby girls. There’s also gray which is suitrable for genre neutral baby shower gift baskets. It will set you back $50 and will arrive with a satin bow tie, ready to be added in the gift basket.Baby Shower Gift Baskets  Blanket
  • Undergarments: are you a retro type of person? Are you into vintage fashion? Then you’ll love our following baby shower gift basket idea! Get this floral lace plastic diaper cover from Little Marin. For $10.75 you will get an old-fashioned, yet uber-cool item that can make a difference! Just look at the sweet lace detail on the legs. The baby girl will love it as much as her mom!Baby Shower Gift Baskets Vintage
  • Changing pads: OK we get it. You are a fashionista but when it comes to baby fashion, you probably know as much as Beyonce knows about Heavy Metal. Don’t worry, maranda lee can take care of your wish for fashionable changing pads in aqua and lime dots. The ready to order nappy mat pad provides a safe germ free place to lay the new baby while mom or dad changes diapers. If you have to do it, do it with style! It’s size is approx. 15″ x 21″ and you can machine wash on gentle programme. They you just hang to dry and it’s as good as new. It will be one of the baby shower gift baskets items that will be practical for the parents.Baby Shower Gift Baskets Changing Pad
  • Custom sleeping gowns: we can’t stress more that personalized baby shower gift baskets are a key element for a successful present. They show that you have put some extra thought on the gift. It’s not just a quick visit on the near-by mall to get a present that says obsolutely nothing about your character. On the contrary, check out these custom sleeping gowns from Silly Phillie. It takes an essential layette item to a whole new level. The grown is made from 100% cotton ring spun. It’s a premium interlock fabric that can fit a baby up to 20 lbs. They also have other exciting features like cuffs on sleeves. This can prevent the new baby from scratching. You will also notice that it comes with a practical elastic bottom. Last but not least, these cute items for baby shower gift baskets sport an easy on and off neck line that will simplify the process.Baby Shower Gift Baskets Sleeping Gowns
  • Natural Baby Teether: so you are the eco concious type of person who doesn’t want plastic items in baby shower gift baskets. Earnest Efforts has the answer for you in this walnut wood baby teether. This natural wooden waldorf toy is a handcrafted safe alternative to toys made of plastic. They will be the new baby’s best friend when they get to the appropriate age, ie. older than 4 months. Each baby teether comes from sustainably harvested Oregon woods and a special certified non-toxic glue is used to join parts. CPSIA and ASTM F963 complied, these gifts will bring the baby one step closer to mother earth!
    Baby Shower Gift Baskets Teething Toy

These unique baby shower gift baskets have many essential items that parents will need sooner or later. You have a great selection of things to choose from and it’s totally up to you to decide what to get inside. The possibilities and combinations are endless since babies have countless needs. Don’t worry about covering everything, you can’t and you won’t. That’s not the purpose of baby shower gift baskets anyway. This is just a starting point.

No matter your budget or theme, baby shower gift baskets are among the most upscale presents guests bring. You will fill the room with happiness and joy once you bring it. Your deep generocity will be much appreciated by the future parents.

Baby Shower Guest List: Who to Invite

January 29, 2014
Amanda Waters

Baby Shower Guest List

Baby shower guest list can be tricky if you have different sets of friends who don’t necessarily know each other. Check this guide to help you determine who to invite to your baby shower. While pregnant, you will be too busy with many little details and probably won’t have the time to plan your own baby shower. That’s why friends are for. When the time comes, they will approach you to arrange the baby shower for you. It’s better to speak to the mom to be if you want to make sure that she will love the result. Surprises are amazing, but if you don’t want to risk it, it’s better to have a chat with the parents to be and let them know that you are happy to plan a baby shower for them.

Celebrating the arrival of a baby is a memorable event that all families go through. It’s an amazing opportunity for family and friends to come together and have a good time. But in order to have a party, you need to start from the very beginning. And that’s your baby shower guest list. Deciding who to invite from an early point is critical as it will eliminate any stress in the future. Get it out of the way as soon as possible so that you can focus on the real thing: planning the baby shower itself!

Having a Different Baby Shower Guest List for Multiple Parties

It’s not uncommon to have multiple baby shower celebrations for different group of people. For example, maybe your colleagues would like to throw you a baby shower, but they haven’t had the chance to meet your family yet. It’s totally cool to have a baby shower guest list tailored only with people from the office. As long as you are having a different baby shower organized by your sister or mother or aunt, that is going to include all your close and distant relatives, then you’ll be fine. That means your baby shower guest list will include second or even third degree cousins, an uncle from New York, an aunt from Los Angeles and their children who you probably have met only once in your life ages ago. That’s absolutely fine, it just means you will need another baby shower organized by your best friend. She or he will make sure that the baby shower guest list in this case will be completely different. It will only include your close friends, the people you spend most of your time, you go out and enjoy their company. There’s nothing better than celebrating the arrival of a new baby with people that you care and love. Don’t try to mix it if you have too many non-compatible sets of groups. It’s better to keep it seperated.

Baby Shower Guest List

Duplicates in a Baby Shower Guest List

There’s also a good chance that some of your coworkers happen to be your friends. The situation now starts to get tricky. Or what happens if your sister is also one of your best friends and she always goes out with you? Would you invite her in your “family” shower or in your “friends” baby shower? The answer is it depends. It doesn’t really matter where she will end up invited, as long as you don’t have duplicate invites. Try to hear rumors from your family about your baby shower. Make sure you ask around and try to dig information from them to ensure that there is no double invitation situation going on. Have your eyes open in the office and see if your colleagues are up to something. They might try to cook a big baby shower surprise for you, but have they really thought about the baby shower guest list? That’s where you come in, and be the point of reference. Avoid dissapointment at all costs, don’t let an incomplete or double invite to ruin your baby shower gust list. It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, try to keep it like this!

Maxing out the Baby Shower Guest List

By now you must have decided on how many baby showers you will have. The next step is to ask the host of the party how many people can be accomodated. Defining the total number of guests will determine the baby shower guest list. If your sister is throwing a baby shower at her place, she might not have enough space for all your friends. So this means you will have to struggle a little bit with who to invite. If this is causing too much pressure, don’t worry. You can always talk to your baby shower host and try to find a bigger venue. Throwing a baby shower at your local church is becoming more and more popular these days since it’s a venue where you can secure plenty of space and most importantly seating for everyone!

Baby Shower Guest List

The Baby Shower Guest List defines budget

Following up what we said about the total number of guests, this is obviously going to impact not only space but also budget. You might have in mind an extra vaganza type of baby shower where you invite all your family, friends, coworkers and a good part of your Facebook friends. That can easily build up to more than hundred invitees on the baby shower guest list. Before you set your expectations too high, try to get into your friends shoes. Are they capable to manage this budget? Are they able to financialy back such a huge party? Or will you have to compromise with a smaller baby shower guest list to save some money? There’s also the question of quality. The more people you invite, the greater the risk that the food is not prepared as it should. Think of a baby shower cake for 100 people. What does that mean for your guests? Are you willing to sacrifice quality over quantity? You need to honor your baby shower host and be respectful of their generocity. Costs can easily spiral and get out of control if you have a huge baby shower guest list. Our advice is to keep it low so that you don’t end up spending a small fortune and then having a huge fight with your friends that might accuse you of being too selfish.

Filling up your Baby Shower Guest List

The next step is to start putting down the names. Get a pen and paper and start writing names. Order one of these beautiful owl themed baby shower guest list templates from Etsy for only $3.99 each. If you are more tech savvy and want to be organized, you can use Microsoft Excel to manage your contacts. There are plenty of baby shower guest list templates that you can download for free. Most of them will include many different columns, like full name of invitee, address, RSVP response, number in play and so on. Don’t worry about the address just now. The most important part is to get the names on the spreadsheet and then you can ask more info from the invitees to finalize your baby shower guest list. This way you can be sure nobody was left out by mistake and all your friends will praise your organizing skills!

Baby Shower Guest List

Handling your Baby Shower Guest List to the Host

The final step is to send the baby shower guest list to the person who is in charge of it. You can either print out the spreadsheet you were working on, or share it electronically if you know the host’s e-mail address. These days, you can use more sophisticated tools like DropBox to have a commonly shared folder that both of you will see. That can save you much trouble as there is only one version of the file. No need to worry about multiple copies that handle different versions of the baby shower guest list. This will eliminate the risk to send the wrong version with an unfinished baby shower guest list that didn’t have all the guests. How will you explain this to your uninvited friends? “Sorry, wrong file” type of apology wouldn’t just work. Electronic copies are always better since more people are feeling comfortable copying and pasting information from different data bases to other on-line forms. For example your host might wish to use a website that specializes in baby shower invitations. They will need stickers of your guests address in order to personalize the invitations. Having to type so many names and surnames might lead to a spelling mistake that just won’t look nice to the recipient.

Forgetting someone from your Baby Shower Guest List

With so many things going on while pregnant, a name or two might slip your memory. No matter how hard we try our best to include everyone, we can always forget. After all, we are just humans. Don’t kill yourself on it. When pregnant, you need to maintain positive thoughts and good attitude. Mistakes happen, the most important part is how you handle them. In order to avoid losing a friend, call him or her and explain the mistake. Apologize and make sure you are very clear that this wasn’t done in purpose. Invite them to dinner and spend some quality time together. Make them feel special and show that you are really sorry about what happened. Real friends know when to forgive, and we are sure nobody will turn a pregnant woman’s apology down.

Unique Baby Shower Invitations

January 27, 2014
Amanda Waters

Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Unique baby shower invitations should have the element of fun in them in order to get your guests’ attention right from the start. Remember that this is the first interaction with the baby shower guests so it’s a unique opportunity to show that this party is not going to be the same with others. These days, with so many baby showers all year long, you will need to do something special to differentiate this special day of yours. Here’s some unique baby shower invitations ideas to help you out!

The most important thing is to try and find time to invest in preparing these unique baby shower invitations. You can always send an e-mail or invite your friends over the phone. But it’s just not the same with paper. It’s far more personal, and it gives the right message. It shows that you have personaly taken care of the baby shower invitations with love and consideration. It demonstrates your dedication to make this baby shower a truly memorable event for every one. It doesn’t matter if you will make them yourself or you’ll buy them from on-line shops that create unique baby shower invitations. As long as they are on paper, and sent by post, they are already ahead of the game.

Inserts for Unique Baby Shower Invitations

You can’t wait to start giving out baby shower gifts? That’s fine! Start by including some cute little items in the form of inserts that go along with the baby shower invitations. It could simply be a photo of the new baby (if it has already arrived) or a picture of the ultra sound if the mom to be is still pregnant. Love grows is a lovely invitation by Tiny Prints that has a fine turquoise color. Modern and square, these unique baby shower invitations can be ordered in different trims and paper quality. You can even have your guests RSVP on-line using their straight forward web service. The more you order, the less you will pay. Minimum invites 10 per order, costs $2.24 each dropping lower than $1 per invite if you order more than 100. See a screenshot of these unique baby shower invitations here:

Unique Baby Shower Invitations

a map to the venue where the baby shower is going to take place. By that, we don’t mean printing out a Google Maps screenshot of the address. Take a pen and a paper and try to draw it yourself. It would be much more fun. Either way, the address will be printed on the baby shower invitation along with the other necessary bits of information. If you are still not sure what to include in the invites, make sure you read our simple guide to baby shower invitations wording tips to ensure you don’t miss anything! Zazzle has cheap and affordable baby shower save the date magnets for as little as $3 each. Take a look and get inspired by their amazing collection!

baby shower save the date magnets

Baby Shower Z Fold Invitations

Z-fold designs are always fun because they unfold like magic in front of you. These unique baby shower invitations usualy have plenty of space for all the necessary information (date, time, place, RSVP, etc). If you find inserts a bit too much, or you don’t have the budget to do it, then you can get a pack of baby shower z fold invitations with a certain theme that fits the overall baby shower theme. For a jungle theme, you can choose these funny giraffe z-fold invitations with a pre printed message “You Are Invited!”. It’s very colorful and cute, your friends will love it! Get a pack of 6 from the Baby Shower Shop for only $3.95, that’s 40% off the original price, a real bargain!

unique baby shower invitations

Unique Baby Shower Invitations with Amazing RSVPs

RSVP cards are perfect to get a clear idea of the number of guests you will have on your special day. Simply ask your guests to let you know if they will be available on the day your baby shower will take place, and return it to you by mail. Make sure you include stamped postcards that are ready to be mailed, or envelopes to make your guests’ life easier. People are very busy these days, so they might say I’ll do it tomorrow. And before you know it, they forget about it, complicating the logistics of the baby shower. Helpful hints for the new mom are also a fun idea to include on your unique baby shower invitations RSVPs. If you are hosting a potluck, it’s also appropriate to ask your guests what kindof food and drinks they would bring along. Having an owl baby shower theme? Why don’t you compliment it with this owl RSVP card from Etsy store jjMcBean.

Unique Baby Shower Invitations RSVP card

Use Modern Art to Create Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Are you an art enthusiast? Do you visit MoMa often? Would you like to infuse a hint of popular modern art into your unique baby shower invitations? That’s fine! Tiny Prints has again the answer for you. They have designed a modern art invitation with chic yellow and green color variations. You can choose between their signature matte paper or opt-in for the pearl white shimmer (add $0.10 per card). The Premium DoubleThick matte is even better as it gives an executive feeling that get’s your baby shower invitation to the next level. Order your personalized sample for free here.

Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Memorable & Unique Baby Shower Invitations

You probably know already that elephants are known for their notorious memory. Scientists agree that elephants have a very strong memory and they never forget anything. Paper Culture built on that concept and created unique baby shower invitations with an adorable baby elephant in purple color cuddling with its mom in yellow. If you wish to play a bit more with the colors, there are four different variations to choose from. Pink and green for baby girls, brown and blue for baby boys, or purple and green if you don’t know the gender of the baby. Personalize these unique baby shower invitations according to the main theme and create everlasting memories! Get the adorable elephant theme invitations with premium paper at $1.99 for 30.

Unique Baby Shower Invitations

We bet that the future baby will love these unique baby shower invitations as much as the mom and dad. Have you got any other ideas? Have you received a great baby shower invitation that grabbed your attention? Share it with us! If you have any more suggestions for unique baby shower invitations, feel free to leave us a comment. We love feedback!