5 Reasons Not to Use Free Baby Shower Games

February 12, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Google “free baby shower games” and you will come with 73,200,000 search results. This is just a simple example to give you an idea of how many free baby shower games you can find out there. But before getting over excited about this, hold on and ask yourself if this the right thing to do for your party. Sure you can save a lot of money. They are free and you can instantly download them on your computer, print and use when you want. If you don’t like them, you can easily switch by downloading another printable game. It’s that simple.

However, there are some disadvantages on using free baby shower games. We don’t like to spoil the fun, but we want to give you all the details up front in order to help you make an informantive decision before it’s too late. Having all facts in front of you will make you more comfortable making up your mind. The final decision is totally up to you. We just want you to be as much prepared as possible.

So let’s have a closer look at free baby shower games and why do we think you need to give it a second thought before choosing one of them.

1. Free baby shower games are not really free!

So you found a great collection of printable free baby shower games and you are ready to hit that print button. Have you thought about the real cost of ink and paper? You might think that this is peanuts, but it all adds up if you have a large number of guests. In fact, some cheap printers have ridicilusly high prices for their ink and they usually cost a fortune to maintain. If you prin 100 colored cards, you end up with a broken printer and you will have to fix it, spending more than what you originally planned. As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The same basic principle applies here. Free baby shower games are never 100% free!

Free Baby Shower Game - Think of Ink real cost

2. Free baby shower games: They just don’t look that nice

Even if you have the latest piece of technology, a high specs printer with the greatest color scheme and photo realistic quality, it will be hard to much a professional print out made from the factory or from a shop that specializes in cards and games. No matter how much you will try to cut and embed the various parts of the free baby shower games, you will hardly match the end result available in the market. And it will not go down unnoticed. Your guests will know. If you don’t mind admitting that you used free baby shower games, then that might not be a problem. If you don’t care about details, that’s fine by us. But if you are really looking on a high-quality overall result, then you might want to look around. Free baby shower games might not be for you if you are an attention freak or a perfectionist.

Free Baby Shower Games

3. You get what you paid

If you didn’t pay anything, expect nothing. This means that if you have downloaded free baby shower game then please don’t have high expectations. You can’t beat the professionals and you will never reach their level of artistic excellence. Unless you are some kind of creative genius, or you are a work-from-home artist already selling your crafts on Etsy, and you have extensive experience in building material and DIY stuff, then you might find yourself in a bad place. Websites will tell you how easy it was to assemble things in 4 easy steps, but in reality you will find that this is never true. It’s never that simple, unless you are very familiar with DIY practices.

4. Free baby shower games takes a lot of time to prepare

If you are a busy person who spends most of your time working, chances are you won’t find any time to spend to research, download and build free baby shower games. If you don’t get professional help or buy them from a shop, you will have to do it all by yourself. Supposing that you don’t receive any help from anyone, this can add a great workload on your daily routine. If you are already late with the overall baby shower planning (guest list, invitations, decorations, gifts, favors, etc) then it’s not so wise to add more stress on yourself by dealing with free baby shower games. For some people time is more important than money. After all, time is money!


5. Future mother would not be thrilled to see free baby shower games on her special day

Imagine you are pregnant and your best friend is throwing a baby shower for you. You walk in and everything is perfect. The invitations are high quality, decorations are amazing and food is just delicious. The baby shower cake is the best piece of desert you have ever tasted. And then, you see these poor-quality printed free baby shower games show up. Ask yourself: how would you feel? Be honest. You know you wouldn’t like it. Maybe you wouldn’t mind, but at least you would notice. The thing is that most parents would appreciate if their friends didn’t use free baby shower games and money is not the reason. It’s about execution. If you have spend so much time and money to make everything perfect, don’t spoil the fun by introducing poorly prepared cut outs that you found on a website offering free baby shower games. It will just ruin everything. Even if they don’t say anything to insult you (well, you are close friends and they wouldn’t say anything but thank you!) free baby shower games might be that small gray detail, a moment that they will remember as a bit off. Don’t let that happen!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not preaching about spending a fortune on your baby shower games. You don’t have to get a loan to organize affordable baby shower games. Just have a look on our suggestions and you will see how you can create something out of nothing. The trick is to use your budget smart, not try to cut corners. We will never advise anyone to sacrifice quality. Because baby showers are one of the most important days of your life and you need to make it special from every possible angle.

To summarize, if you are about to search for free baby shower games, think if this is the right choice for you. With so many games that are not expensive, is it really worth it? The choice is yours! Best of luck 🙂

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