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February 10, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Are you planning a baby shower on a budget? Check out these affordable baby shower games that won’t cost you a fortune. Fun and inexpensive ideas for everyone! You don’t need to have to spend too much money to have a good time with our clever suggestions. The affordable baby shower games are designed to keep players active and involved using limited or no resources. Walk with us on a path that delivers innovative ways to entertain your guest without compromising the overall quality of the party.

Sounds like mission impossible? Maybe to the inexperienced baby shower planner! If you follow our advice on these amazingly affordable baby shower games, you can save lots. This will give you the freedom to use the money in other baby shower supplies like invitations, decorations or food. If you are struggling to financially support a baby shower, these inexpensive games are going to be a life saver! Do your self a favor and stop worrying about not having too much to spend. It’s not about how much budget you have, it’s all about how you utilize your resource to get the best results you can with what you have.

We are living in difficult times where capital might be tough to raise. There’s no shame in that. The game is changing. People are getting smarter in their financial choices. Having affordable baby shower games will make you a financial champion and you will get the fun award while staying on budget.

Affordable Baby Shower Games no.1 – Time Capsule

Writing on a piece of paper doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. One of the most creative and affordable baby shower games is the Time Capsule. You will have to ask your guests to write a short note for the new baby. It can be anything. From advice, to wishes. From something funny to an important inspirational quote that you too follow in your life. All the notes will be placed in a box that will be sealed in the end and given to the future mom. The box can be decorated with pink flowers if it is a baby girl or blue sky if it is a baby boy. Green is perfect if you don’t know the gender of the baby. Once all notes are in and the box is sealed, you can pass it on to the mother who will have to keep it safe for 15 years! Yes, that’s right, 15 whole years. It is a time capsule after all! When the baby turns fifteen, the mother will open the box and they can sit together to read through all the notes. A sentimental game that can help develop the child’s character and remind the mother the amazing time you had on the baby shower!

Affordable Baby Shower Games - Time Capsule

Affordable Baby Shower Games no.2 – Plant a Tree

Eco-friendly parents will love these as much as your evniromentally concious guests. How about asking your friends and family to plant a tree and naming it in honor of the new baby boy or baby girl? You can share with them some ideas on baby names inspired by nature in order to set up the mood. Just a point to clarify here. This doesn’t mean that you are handing over the naming of the baby to guests! It’s just for the tree. Your guests can take a picture of the tree planting process and bring it to the baby shower. Project the photos on your TV screen using a home sharing device like Apple TV and get people talking about their planting skills!

Affordable Baby Shower Games no.3 – Baby Box

Every guest normally come to a baby shower with a gift. Don’t know what to buy? Check 10 tips on how to find the perfect baby shower present. If they are willing to get a little extra item on the side, you can easily create a new game around it. Enter the Baby Box. Guests bring small babyware with them, something like a pacifier or a rattle. Cheap and inexpensive. At the entrance of your home or venue, find a good location to place a hard carton box where all guests can throw their little side-gift in. You should not be able to see what’s inside, only a hole on top for people to place their small items. When everyone arrives, bring out the box and pass it around. Each guest will have 30 seconds to identify as many items as they can. The person who identifies most objects wins the game!

Affordable Baby Shower Games - Baby Box

Affordable Baby Shower Games no.4 – Poem Advice

Some games can be paired extremely well with certain themed parties. Poem Advice is one of these affordable baby shower games that match “Pamper Mommy” themes perfectly. The rules are very simple. You start by asking one of your guests to write a quick advice for the mother-to-be. The paper is then passed around and each guests adds a new advice, folding each time the paper in such way that the only visible line is the last on the list. In the end, you will have a funny cute little poem for the mom! The way that it each line is joined with the next will bring laughter to your baby shower guests!

Affordable Baby Shower Games no.5 – Diaper Tower

Diaper tower will not only have you spending, but on the contrary is among the few affordable baby shower games that you will end up having a surplass rather than a cost! How? Well, just put a note in the baby shower invitations asking your guests to bring diapers with them. The more they can bring, the better! You can get an inexpensive box of 76 Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers for Newborn from Amazon for only $18.98 (save 24%) delivered straight to your door. Each guest will have to stack the diapers into a tower, one by one. Each take turn and try to make the tower as high as possible. It will get your friends off the couch and super entertained! The best part? Future parents get to keep the diapers – enough to get you going for the first weeks!

Affordable Baby Shower Games - Diapers Towes

Are you going to have fun with our affordable baby shower games? For sure! Leave us a comment and let us know your experience playing these amazingly affordable baby shower games for every pocket!

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