Baby Shower Cake Ideas – 6 Delicious Choices

January 17, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

We’ll help you choose the best baby shower cake for your party based on your style. These unique baby shower cake ideas will take desert to the next level. It doesn’t have to be just another desert that nobody will remember the day after. If you put some thought in it, you can have a baby shower cake that will be the perfect ending to an amazing day. Planning, as with all other baby shower elements, is critical. If you are not sure about which baby shower cake to decide, we’ll hlep you with some really cool ideas.

If you have a baby shower theme, then you have to go with the overall concept. Every single item needs to follow the theme so as to create a unified look. If your cooking skills are advanced and you feel comfortable preparing it yourself, make sure you practice before the big day. You don’t want to have an emergency that will leave your guests wondering what went wrong. For those who don’t want to take the risk, or who don’t have the time to prepare their own baby shower cake, a visit to your local bakery will solve the problem.

Talk to the professionals and let them know how you would like to have your ideal baby shower cake. You can show them some photos from a baby shower cake you’ve seen on-line and coulnd’t stop thinkg about it. Print the pictures and take them to the shop. This will help the bakery to better understand your needs and come up with a similar design. Don’t forget to discuss the price. Some bakeries will try to overcharge, betting that you really need a baby shower cake. It’s OK to bargain a bit. Tell them that you got a better price from a competitor and watch them offering a better deal for you.

After you decide if you will cook your own baby shower cake or if you will get professional help, you need to make up your mind on the design itself. If you are struggling with ideas, we can help you out! Just go through the following awesome baby shower cake ideas and choose the one that speaks to your heart!

Baby Shower Cake Ideas #1: Angel Food cake

Have you ever thought why people call this baby shower cake Angel Food? Yeah, that’s right! Because it’s heavenly delicious and it’s been a favorit desert for years and years. Angel food got its name from being light as a feather. It might be fat free, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks taste. This tender baby shower cake is easy to prepare as it has only six ingredients. Get the recipe and allow 30 min for preparation and 40 min for baking.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas – Butter cake

Imagine you have a cute owl baby shower theme and you wish to compliment the entire concept with an amazing cake. If you know the gender of the baby and it’s a boy, then you can make it blue, like the picture below. This baby shower butter cake has buttercream frosting and filling. It is covered in marshmallow fondant. The owl that sits comfortably on top is sculpted with cereal treats and fondant. That looks really cool, doesn’t it?

Baby Shower Cake Ideas Owl Butter Cake

Baby Shower Cake Ideas #2 – Butterfly cake

A corgeous idea for the a truly memorable baby shower cake. Butterflies are colorful and playful. They bring joy and make peaople happy. That’s why a baby shower cake with butterflies all over it will bring a wave of sweet happiness to your guests. Take a look at this beautiful baby shower cake in pink, perfect for baby girl baby showers.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas Butterfly

Baby Shower Cake Ideas #3 – Carrot cake

Perfect for vegetarians, this is an oil-based cake which makes luscious. Carrot cakes are dense and you can also combine the recipe with zucchini. The baking process is more or less the same in both cases. As you cook the carrots, they start to soften and eventually they will moisten the baby shower cake creating a delicious result. It’s one of the easiest cakes in our list, so if you are a begginer in the kitchen and would like to give a personal touch to the baby shower cake, then this is your chance to shine!

Baby Shower Cake Ideas Carrot

Baby Shower Cake Ideas #4 – Cheesecake Shooters

An all time classic desert that can accompany any red color baby shower theme. But instead of preparing a cake, you will have shooters. This is a much easier way to serve desert, and it will save you and the parents to be from the trouble of shorting out how to cut the cake evenly. I’ve been to dozens of parties that there were too large, or too small baby shower cakes. This leads some guests to extra calories, while leaving others with just a taste of a small bite. To be fair, these amazing cheesecake shooters have the right portion for everyone!

Baby Shower Cake Ideas Cheesecake Shooters

Baby Shower Cake Ideas #5 – Zebra Cupcakes

Let’s carry on with the concept of specific portions instead of a whole baby shower cake. Cupcakes are a very popular alternative to baby shower cakes as they are cute and lovely little sweet bites that nobody can resist. Zebra cupcakes are perfect when the gender of the baby is still unknown. They are color neutral so they can take place in baby showers where the future parents don’t know if they are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl. Here’s a photo to get you inspired. They are just adorable, aren’ they?

Baby Shower Cake Ideas Zebra Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cake Ideas #6 – Sponge cake

An undeniable recipe for success is the all time favorite sponge cake. Add chocolate and custard and you will have your guests wondering how did you come up with such a wonderful baby shower cake! Allow 1 hour for preparation and another 30 minutes for cooking. And now, time for a bit of trivia. Did you know that in Italy, pomegranates are a symbol of prosperity? Shower your baby with good luck and pick a gourmet choice that will make a difference.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas Sponge Cake

As with all our suggestions, this is just the beginning! We are here to inspire you so that you can experiment with your own creative ideas. Don’t forget that you should aim to make the baby shower cake your central piece for the entire decoration. It’s not just a yummy desert that will indulge your guests. The baby shower cake that you will eventuall choose has to blend with the entire baby shower theme. The winning combination of all elements is the safest way to make baby showers successful. Good luck!

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