7 Fabulous Baby Shower Gift Baskets

January 30, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

You just received a baby shower invitation and you punched the date on your iPhone calendar. It’s only a few weeks from today and you need ideas on the kind of gift you are going to buy. But hold on, you don’t have a baby and you don’t know anything about them. You are not a mother yet so how are you supposed to know what kind of present to bring to a new baby? And what’s worse, you’ve never attended a baby shower before, so you don’t know what to expect. Time is running and you need fabulous ideas for making the most amazing baby shower gift ever!

Don’t panic! That’s what we are here for. Let’s have a closer look into different options that suit your style and budget. Baby shower gift baskets are one of the most prestigious ways to show you are overjoyed by happiness that a new baby is coming. It can make a huge difference from all other presents, as baby shower gift baskets are often considered the grandest gift of all. And we can’t find a reason why not! Baby shower gift baskets have it all. Read on and explore what do they usually contain.

What’s in Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Baby shower gift baskets often have a large array of little cute things that any baby needs from day one. Don’t know what these items are? OK let’s break it down for you:

  • Soft toys: babys love to play, it’s what they do. Make sure you get cuddly soft toys that cannot harm the baby in any way. If you know the name of the baby already, you can even go further and personalize the gift accordingly. Take a look at this beautiful baby shower gift baskets containing a pink soft, raccoon toy named Sophia (which is  the single most popular baby name in USA) and a plush blue matching toy named Jack. Monogram Perfect can put any name on a large selection of different soft toys for only $12.99 each.Baby Shower Gift Baskets Soft Toys
  • Hats: baby shower gift baskets usualy contain adorable little hats that add extra cuteness to any baby. Baby hats need to be soft as well, as the baby skin is still very soft and fragile. Make sure you decide on the size of the hat according to the age of the baby. If the baby is already born and a few weeks old, then you might want to get a bigger one. Stephanie’s Shop can take care of your custom to order hat according to your color and size needs. These hats are hand made and cost $18 each, so they don’t add too much in the overall baby shower gift baskets cost.Baby Shower Gift Baskets Hats
  • Blankets: a heartfelt crochet baby blanket is a must if you want to spend a bit more. For an exclusive luxurious feel, opt-in for a blanket that uses only the finest texture made of pure silk. It can be costly, but it’s totally worth every single dollar. Check out this hand made premium yarn by lollie couture which comes in three different colors: red and pink for baby girls. There’s also gray which is suitrable for genre neutral baby shower gift baskets. It will set you back $50 and will arrive with a satin bow tie, ready to be added in the gift basket.Baby Shower Gift Baskets  Blanket
  • Undergarments: are you a retro type of person? Are you into vintage fashion? Then you’ll love our following baby shower gift basket idea! Get this floral lace plastic diaper cover from Little Marin. For $10.75 you will get an old-fashioned, yet uber-cool item that can make a difference! Just look at the sweet lace detail on the legs. The baby girl will love it as much as her mom!Baby Shower Gift Baskets Vintage
  • Changing pads: OK we get it. You are a fashionista but when it comes to baby fashion, you probably know as much as Beyonce knows about Heavy Metal. Don’t worry, maranda lee can take care of your wish for fashionable changing pads in aqua and lime dots. The ready to order nappy mat pad provides a safe germ free place to lay the new baby while mom or dad changes diapers. If you have to do it, do it with style! It’s size is approx. 15″ x 21″ and you can machine wash on gentle programme. They you just hang to dry and it’s as good as new. It will be one of the baby shower gift baskets items that will be practical for the parents.Baby Shower Gift Baskets Changing Pad
  • Custom sleeping gowns: we can’t stress more that personalized baby shower gift baskets are a key element for a successful present. They show that you have put some extra thought on the gift. It’s not just a quick visit on the near-by mall to get a present that says obsolutely nothing about your character. On the contrary, check out these custom sleeping gowns from Silly Phillie. It takes an essential layette item to a whole new level. The grown is made from 100% cotton ring spun. It’s a premium interlock fabric that can fit a baby up to 20 lbs. They also have other exciting features like cuffs on sleeves. This can prevent the new baby from scratching. You will also notice that it comes with a practical elastic bottom. Last but not least, these cute items for baby shower gift baskets sport an easy on and off neck line that will simplify the process.Baby Shower Gift Baskets Sleeping Gowns
  • Natural Baby Teether: so you are the eco concious type of person who doesn’t want plastic items in baby shower gift baskets. Earnest Efforts has the answer for you in this walnut wood baby teether. This natural wooden waldorf toy is a handcrafted safe alternative to toys made of plastic. They will be the new baby’s best friend when they get to the appropriate age, ie. older than 4 months. Each baby teether comes from sustainably harvested Oregon woods and a special certified non-toxic glue is used to join parts. CPSIA and ASTM F963 complied, these gifts will bring the baby one step closer to mother earth!
    Baby Shower Gift Baskets Teething Toy

These unique baby shower gift baskets have many essential items that parents will need sooner or later. You have a great selection of things to choose from and it’s totally up to you to decide what to get inside. The possibilities and combinations are endless since babies have countless needs. Don’t worry about covering everything, you can’t and you won’t. That’s not the purpose of baby shower gift baskets anyway. This is just a starting point.

No matter your budget or theme, baby shower gift baskets are among the most upscale presents guests bring. You will fill the room with happiness and joy once you bring it. Your deep generocity will be much appreciated by the future parents.

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