Baby Shower Gift Ideas – 10 Tips To Find The Perfect Gift

January 10, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

We’ll help you find the perfect baby shower gift with these 10 simple tips. Because nothing is more important than buying the right baby shower gift for your friends! You will need to put your mind in motion and think of the best possible choice. Maybe you don’t have too much time and you need quick help. Our guidge will take you throug the baby shower gift selection process and make your life once again easier!

We understand that a baby shower gift is not the usual present. Most people have no idea what to look for. We are used to buy presents for our husbands, wives, parents or siblings, but we are not so good with baby gifts. It can be a tough situation, especially when time is luxury and you are running out of options.

There is nothing to worry about though. Take a look in the following tips and you’ll see that finding the perfect baby shower gift was not that hard after all.

10 Tips to Find the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

  1. Malls are usually full with options as they have all kinds of shops. That makes them the best candidate to start your baby shower gift hunt. Malls often have at least 2-3 different toy shops. Just walk into one of them and find a sales rep. Talk to them and tell them what you have in mind. If you are absolutely clueless of what you want, just describe them the occasion. Sales assistants in toy shops are well trained for these type of customers. They will be able to offer you many different alternatives depending on your budget and style.
    baby shower gift toy
  2. Check the baby shower invitation wording and look for any reference related to a registry account made available for the guests. This is a practical option that more and more baby shower invitations include as they can remove most of the stress. If there is one, you just have to make sure that it’s still available. There is a certain element of trust and safety in this case as the gifts are predefined and chosen already by someone else. Alternatively, you can just have a look in the gift registry and see what’s in there. Then try to find something similar to give the parents an extra surprise. The choice is yours!
  3. Just ask! Talking to friends of the parents is one of the best way to find out what baby shower gift is best for them. Give them a call and after a 5min chat to break the ice, just ask them to share their thoughts. They will be able to give you some really good insight. In most cases, they will direct you right at the baby shower gift that suits both you and the parents.
  4. You don’t want to end up bringing the same baby shower gift that other people have brought as well. This will spoil the fun for the parents and they will add an additional effort to go back to the shop and exchange them for another gift. In order to avoid such dissapointment, talk to your friends and get organized. Make an inventory and make sure there are no double entries on it. This way, each baby shower gift will be unique and special.
  5. Welcome to the social area! If you are the type of person who is having trouble deciding what to buy, then it’s time to call some help from your beloved friends. Ideally, you would ask someone who is already a parent is much more familiar with baby shower gift than you are. They will help you decide much quicker and guide you to the right placess and the ideal choice will be much easier to find.
  6. So you have strolled up and down every single aisle of all toy shops in your city mall, but still can’t find any baby shower gift that speaks to your heart. That’s alright, then move away from the toy option. Why stick to one gift idea, when there are clothes? Yeah, that’s right! Baby clothes are as good as any other baby shower gift and moms love them. They can’t get enough of them. So, don’t worry if you already know that other guests are planning to buy clothes as well.  The more the merrier! Plus, if you are a fashionable chic lady that follows all the latest trends, this baby shower gift idea will probably suit you better. You don’t have to wear baby clothes to appreciate them. It’s the same concept with buying gifts for your hubby. Men clothes are much different than women dresses, jeans, and so on. But you are still capable of finding the perfect gift each and every time for your partner. Why not for a baby?
    baby shower gift clothes
  7. If jewelry is your thing, then this is the time to shine! There are countless of options for a cool baby shower gift that can be in the form of accessories. You can start by looking at necklaces and bracelets for babies. Be careful, they need to be soft in order not to harm the tender skin of the baby. Check this lovely sterling silver necklace that reads “A Mother Holds Her Childs Hand” for only $29. Earrings are also fashionable and unique. Tie bars and cufflinks might be an awesome idea for baby boys. Cute things like that will compliment any kind of baby clothing. Jewelry as a baby shower gift is going to steal the mother’s heart as she goes “aaawww” when she opens the gift wrap!
    baby shower gift jewlery
  8. Moving away from the baby’s appearance, you can focus on their education. Their brain is as important as their looks. Choose a baby book that will train their mind and inspire their imagination. Training starts at a young age. Just watching pictures is a fantastic opportunity to sparkle the fire of curiocity in a baby’s heart. It’s never too early to start the education of a baby, and a baby shower gift might be the start of a long and fun process!
  9. Cash is king. It might sound blunt, but it’s true. Always has, always will be. If you have the financial status for this kind of baby shower gift, then you might want to offer some money to a baby saving’s bond. It can be a great help in difficult situations in the future, when parents really need it for a specific need of the kid. Children have all kinds of extra costs, from their school to hospital, to private classes and university. Your contribution will be much appreciated by the family and you will earn their recognition as a truly generous friend.
  10. Last but not least, baby shower gift baskets are the ultimate present! They can include so many different things that they cover many of the items covered above. For example, you can combine some clothes with some jewelry and a book. Alternatively, you can buy smaller baby items like towels or a set of brushes that are extremely practical. Finish it off with the all time classic rubber ducky and wrap it up!
    baby shower gift basket

That’s the end of our baby shower gift ideas tips. We are sure that you now have a much clearer idea of where to start, who you call and where to go. Remember to have fun along the way! If you have any other unique baby shower gift idea that we missed, leave us a comment. We love feedback!

Good luck 🙂

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