Baby Shower Guest List: Who to Invite

January 29, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower guest list can be tricky if you have different sets of friends who don’t necessarily know each other. Check this guide to help you determine who to invite to your baby shower. While pregnant, you will be too busy with many little details and probably won’t have the time to plan your own baby shower. That’s why friends are for. When the time comes, they will approach you to arrange the baby shower for you. It’s better to speak to the mom to be if you want to make sure that she will love the result. Surprises are amazing, but if you don’t want to risk it, it’s better to have a chat with the parents to be and let them know that you are happy to plan a baby shower for them.

Celebrating the arrival of a baby is a memorable event that all families go through. It’s an amazing opportunity for family and friends to come together and have a good time. But in order to have a party, you need to start from the very beginning. And that’s your baby shower guest list. Deciding who to invite from an early point is critical as it will eliminate any stress in the future. Get it out of the way as soon as possible so that you can focus on the real thing: planning the baby shower itself!

Having a Different Baby Shower Guest List for Multiple Parties

It’s not uncommon to have multiple baby shower celebrations for different group of people. For example, maybe your colleagues would like to throw you a baby shower, but they haven’t had the chance to meet your family yet. It’s totally cool to have a baby shower guest list tailored only with people from the office. As long as you are having a different baby shower organized by your sister or mother or aunt, that is going to include all your close and distant relatives, then you’ll be fine. That means your baby shower guest list will include second or even third degree cousins, an uncle from New York, an aunt from Los Angeles and their children who you probably have met only once in your life ages ago. That’s absolutely fine, it just means you will need another baby shower organized by your best friend. She or he will make sure that the baby shower guest list in this case will be completely different. It will only include your close friends, the people you spend most of your time, you go out and enjoy their company. There’s nothing better than celebrating the arrival of a new baby with people that you care and love. Don’t try to mix it if you have too many non-compatible sets of groups. It’s better to keep it seperated.

Baby Shower Guest List

Duplicates in a Baby Shower Guest List

There’s also a good chance that some of your coworkers happen to be your friends. The situation now starts to get tricky. Or what happens if your sister is also one of your best friends and she always goes out with you? Would you invite her in your “family” shower or in your “friends” baby shower? The answer is it depends. It doesn’t really matter where she will end up invited, as long as you don’t have duplicate invites. Try to hear rumors from your family about your baby shower. Make sure you ask around and try to dig information from them to ensure that there is no double invitation situation going on. Have your eyes open in the office and see if your colleagues are up to something. They might try to cook a big baby shower surprise for you, but have they really thought about the baby shower guest list? That’s where you come in, and be the point of reference. Avoid dissapointment at all costs, don’t let an incomplete or double invite to ruin your baby shower gust list. It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, try to keep it like this!

Maxing out the Baby Shower Guest List

By now you must have decided on how many baby showers you will have. The next step is to ask the host of the party how many people can be accomodated. Defining the total number of guests will determine the baby shower guest list. If your sister is throwing a baby shower at her place, she might not have enough space for all your friends. So this means you will have to struggle a little bit with who to invite. If this is causing too much pressure, don’t worry. You can always talk to your baby shower host and try to find a bigger venue. Throwing a baby shower at your local church is becoming more and more popular these days since it’s a venue where you can secure plenty of space and most importantly seating for everyone!

Baby Shower Guest List

The Baby Shower Guest List defines budget

Following up what we said about the total number of guests, this is obviously going to impact not only space but also budget. You might have in mind an extra vaganza type of baby shower where you invite all your family, friends, coworkers and a good part of your Facebook friends. That can easily build up to more than hundred invitees on the baby shower guest list. Before you set your expectations too high, try to get into your friends shoes. Are they capable to manage this budget? Are they able to financialy back such a huge party? Or will you have to compromise with a smaller baby shower guest list to save some money? There’s also the question of quality. The more people you invite, the greater the risk that the food is not prepared as it should. Think of a baby shower cake for 100 people. What does that mean for your guests? Are you willing to sacrifice quality over quantity? You need to honor your baby shower host and be respectful of their generocity. Costs can easily spiral and get out of control if you have a huge baby shower guest list. Our advice is to keep it low so that you don’t end up spending a small fortune and then having a huge fight with your friends that might accuse you of being too selfish.

Filling up your Baby Shower Guest List

The next step is to start putting down the names. Get a pen and paper and start writing names. Order one of these beautiful owl themed baby shower guest list templates from Etsy for only $3.99 each. If you are more tech savvy and want to be organized, you can use Microsoft Excel to manage your contacts. There are plenty of baby shower guest list templates that you can download for free. Most of them will include many different columns, like full name of invitee, address, RSVP response, number in play and so on. Don’t worry about the address just now. The most important part is to get the names on the spreadsheet and then you can ask more info from the invitees to finalize your baby shower guest list. This way you can be sure nobody was left out by mistake and all your friends will praise your organizing skills!

Baby Shower Guest List

Handling your Baby Shower Guest List to the Host

The final step is to send the baby shower guest list to the person who is in charge of it. You can either print out the spreadsheet you were working on, or share it electronically if you know the host’s e-mail address. These days, you can use more sophisticated tools like DropBox to have a commonly shared folder that both of you will see. That can save you much trouble as there is only one version of the file. No need to worry about multiple copies that handle different versions of the baby shower guest list. This will eliminate the risk to send the wrong version with an unfinished baby shower guest list that didn’t have all the guests. How will you explain this to your uninvited friends? “Sorry, wrong file” type of apology wouldn’t just work. Electronic copies are always better since more people are feeling comfortable copying and pasting information from different data bases to other on-line forms. For example your host might wish to use a website that specializes in baby shower invitations. They will need stickers of your guests address in order to personalize the invitations. Having to type so many names and surnames might lead to a spelling mistake that just won’t look nice to the recipient.

Forgetting someone from your Baby Shower Guest List

With so many things going on while pregnant, a name or two might slip your memory. No matter how hard we try our best to include everyone, we can always forget. After all, we are just humans. Don’t kill yourself on it. When pregnant, you need to maintain positive thoughts and good attitude. Mistakes happen, the most important part is how you handle them. In order to avoid losing a friend, call him or her and explain the mistake. Apologize and make sure you are very clear that this wasn’t done in purpose. Invite them to dinner and spend some quality time together. Make them feel special and show that you are really sorry about what happened. Real friends know when to forgive, and we are sure nobody will turn a pregnant woman’s apology down.

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