Popular Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

May 19, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

For anyone who has tried to organize a baby shower it is known that it can take a lot of effort to make it happen. All the little details need to be in place at the right time before the big day and this is not an easy task. The hostess will have to invest a great deal in terms of time and resources. So we think that she deserves a great gift, doesn’t she? After all, she was responsible for organizing the best baby shower ever! It will be a good idea to prepare a gift for her, but you don’t have a clue what to buy. That’s not a problem, we can walk you through some of the most popular baby shower hostess gifts that will make your friend feel special.

As with all presents, baby shower hostess gifts don’t have to be expensive. You can choose an affordable solution that’s both practical and fancy. The following ideas have been crafted with love and appreciation to the most important person of the party, the hostess. Let’s have a closer look in these unique baby shower hostess gifts that will be forever remembered.

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts: Jewelry

Jewelry is considered a universal gift that can be given at any occasion. It symbolizes power and prosperity and it can be given in various forms. For example, you can buy a beautiful bracelet personalized with the hostess initials. The more personal you make your baby shower hostess gifts, the more she will like them. Another alternative coulbe be earrings, the possibilities with Jewelry are really endless. Silver, gold, or even white/pink gold offer you tons of different choices from which to pick according to your friend’s taste and of course your budget. Did you know that you could buy an original Tiffany heart tag charm and chain for as little as $50 from their official website? Believe it or not, you will find amazing jewelry from the most iconic luxury brand.

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts: Thank you Baskets

Can’t make up your mind about the gift you will buy? Not sure if she’s going to like it? No problem, that’s why Themes Galore made this amazing baby shower hostess thank you basket that will create a wow factor with its bright red colors and countless goodies. The hostess will be pleased to find inside decadent cookies fresh roasted nuts, crisp cheese straws, zesty popcorn, a mix of savory snacks and delicious mini cookies. And the price? It will be an even bigger surprise as you can get all these in a unique handmade wrapping for less than $30. Click the following link to order your own baby shower hostess thank you basket from Amazon:

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts: Cook books

If the hostess cooked her own baby shower cake then it’s clear that she is in love with cooking. Why don’t you buy her a special cook book that can be used to enhance her cooking skills with new ideas and recipes? She will definitely going to appreciate such a gift as it will be something that will be used in her daily life. If she’s has a preference in a certain cuisine, you can make it even more personal and buy her Greek inspired recipe cook book or Chinese. Celebrity chef cook books are also very popular these days as they are presenting new ideas for old-fashioned recipes that can now be prepared with a twist. Our own favorite cook book is written by Jamie Oliver, the celebrity British chef who revolutionized cooking with his 15′ preparation meals. Click on the link below to get this awesome book as a gift to your baby shower hostess:

Anyone who enjoys putting together a party probably also loves to cook, so why not find her a unique and fun cook book. Look for something out of the ordinary. Everyone has cook books, but she’d probably enjoy some recipes with a new twist.

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts: Chocolates

If you can find a lady who doesn’t like chocolate, I’ll send you any gift presented here! That’s right, you can buy an exquisite box of chocolates as baby shower hostess gifts. You can’t go wrong with that! If you also happen to know her favorite candy shop, you can even make the extra effort and buy the chocolates from that particular place. A thank you card is also important to accompany the gift, make sure you pick the right words to express your deep appreciation. If you need a bit more help with wording, feel free to get some extra inspiration from the best thank you quotes you can find online! Watch the baby shower hostess get emotional while she opens the gift and read these quotes that come from the heart. It will be a priceless moment for both of you. A moment that will bond you even further and take your friendship to a whole new level.

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts: Wine and cheese

Especially popular in Italy, wine and cheese as baby shower hostess gifts are lately becoming trendy in US as well. If your friend is a wine enthusiast she will appreciate an extra ordinary bottle of fine wine that is hard to get. Don’t look into the super market aisles for these kind of wines. You won’t find anything special there. What you need, is a bottle of wine that will make a statement and can be an item of pride on the table. Alternatively, you can buy an extravaganza gift basket from Wine.com and really impress the baby shower hostess. It contains all the delicacies that accompany a great bottle of wine, like Italian biscotti, Napa mustard, Sonoma Jack cheese and of course beef salami. Click here to find what else is included in this unique basket and get ready to blow your mind!

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts: Candles

Women are crazy about candles as they can warm your heart and radiate positive vibes. Candles have the unique ability to lighten the atmosphere and relax the mind and soul from daily stress. Dozens of scents can make the baby shower hostess gifts an excellent idea for ladies that enjoy the purity and relaxation they offer. If you want to make a difference, why don’t you engrave the date that the baby shower took place and also the original names of the baby and your friend in this amazing unity sand ceremony shadow box set? It will create a lasting memory that will be remembered for years and years!

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts: Gift certificates

You love the hostess but she is a bit unpredictable. She’s your friend and you know it too well that she can be a bit difficult with presents. In this case, one of the most appropriate baby shower hostess gifts can be Amazon’s git vouchers that can be used to redeem anything that your friend needs. From books and movies to gadgets and electronic appliances, this online mega mall has it all. It will be impossible not to find something that she won’t like there. Amazon’s variety makes it ideal in cases like these that you are not really sure what to buy. The hostess will find her own way, don’t worry!

Did you like the baby shower hostess gifts suggested in this post? Have you found the perfect gift for your friend? Go on and order it as you will need to allow some time for a timely delivery. Make sure you add a personal touch by writing something inspirational as a thank you card. It will be deeply appreciated by the baby shower hostess and it will be a gift that will express your deepest appreciation. Good luck!

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