Baby Shower Invitations Wording Tips

January 9, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower planning can be a huge project. You will need to prepare a lot of details like, the food, some games to get the fun going, and of course the program. Hold on! Ask yourself if you forget anything. Something very critical maybe? Oh yeah, of course, the baby shower invitations! Without them, your guests will never show up. So make sure you get them right and on a timely manner.

Let’s dive into the baby shower invitations wording and explore some really useful tips. Make a note and don’t forget to plan this important part with good care.

Choose The Baby Shower Invitations Wording Carefully

Developing your first baby shower invitations will probably take a long time the first time you get to do it. Words don’t come out as easy as you would have thought. The trick here is not to be too choosy with the text. Let your heart do the talking. Of course it needs to be inspiring, but don’t let yourself get carried away. Selecting the best baby shower invitation wording is crucial as it defines the theme of the party. If the baby shower invitation theme is informal and friendly, you can go ahead and infuse this tone into the baby shower invitations wording. Don’t make it too formal. After all it’s not a business meeting. In other words, you first need to decide the baby shower theme, so that you have all the general rules and principles for the baby shower invitations wording. It will be much easier if you do it in this order. For example, fun baby shower themes like a balloon party or a teddy bear party need will need amusing, relaxed and most of all entertaining wording.

Baby Shower Invitations Wording

Baby Shower Invitations Wording Ideas

Not everyone is a natural talent in writing. Fear not! You can find tons of resources online with famous quotes or poems that are cute and lovely. If possible, try to make some basic changes to adapt your style into the baby shower invitation wording. Make it as personal as possible. Catchy wording can be nice, but if it’s just a simple copy-paste, then it’s not worth much. Everyone loves to see some element of personal touch. It will make a big difference! Baby shower invitations wording can be gender specific, if you know well in advance if it’s a boy or a girl. Otherwise, you can opt in for something more generic, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Baby Shower Invitations Wording & Baby Rhymes

Baby rhymes in baby shower invitations wording is a magnificent idea as they are fun and creative. Using popular lyrics from kid songs can do the trick. Alternatively, you can rhymes heard in nursery schools. Never heard of Baa Baa Black sheep? Com’on! What about Hickory, Dickory, Dock? Now we are talking! Let’s wrap it up with Humpty Dumpty! There you go. These well known rhymes are perfect for baby shower invitation wordings as they can spice up things a bit and make people laugh.

Baby Shower Invitations Wording

Baby Shower Invitations Wording: Don’t forget these!

If you are the kind of person who likes to do lists, then this section is for you. Let’s break down the most important bits and pieces of baby shower invitations wording that you can’t afford to miss out:

  • The guest of honor’s name and surname
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location: Make sure you provide adequate driving instructions on how to get there, especially if you have picked a new venue for the baby shower. You can’t have guests calling you all the time asking you for directions on the big day! Make sure they are clear so that each sketch is printed OK and everyone can read the details.
  • Surprise: Baby shower invitations wording should not leave out a very special piece of information. Is it a surprise party? If it is, make sure you explicitly state it to make sure you keep it secret from mom and dad. You don’t want anyone to spoil the fun, do you? or not. Ask politely from your guests to keep it between them. No prior gift sending to the parents-to-be, keep them for the baby shower day!
  • RSVP: Don’t forget to ask your guests to let you know if they are going to attend the baby shower or not.
  • Contacts: if guests don’t have your contact details, they won’t be able to respond to your RSVP. Make sure your phone number and e-mail address is there.
  • Registry List: if you plan to have a registry list for the gifts or if you have specific gift requests in mind, make sure you include them in the baby shower invitations wording. It might sound a bit too much, but it’s very practical for friends that are puzzled with gifts and don’t know what to bring. It’s better if the gifts end up in the kids room rather than being left aside or locked up in a box just because mom and dad didn’t like them in the first place.

Beyond Baby Shower Invitations Wording: Presentation & Themes

We talked about the baby shower invitations wording, but what about the presentation of the invitation itself? This is a key element that you need to consider. It needs to compliment the entire baby shower. Chose a presentation that relates to the general theme of the baby shower. They need to be n’synch, otherwise it will seem like a last minute thought that was not well planned.

Popular baby shower themes include adorable baby pictures. Angels are really lovely too and they are common with baby shower invitations. You might want to add some kind of effect to make it more personal. Also, make sure you pick colors wisely. Don’t make it a circus with all kinds of colors. This can be confusing. Colors need to blend in with the rest of the baby shower invitation. If you are not sure, stick with the safe choices. Pink for baby girls. Blue for baby boys. Green if you don’t know the gender of the baby yet.

Release your imagination and be creative. Don’t get stressed! Baby shower invitations wording is supposed to be fun. Keep it like this and all your guests will appreciate your original content.

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