Baby Shower Poems for Everyone

February 3, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower poems is a wonderful idea to express deep emotions in invitations, thank you cards and favors. Show your true feelings with these lovely poems! Whether you are a natural talent in writing, or you haven’t really tried poetry before, it’s an amazing way to show how much you care about the arrival of the new baby or how important the presence of your friends is in this special day. You don’t have baby shower every day, so you better take the opportunity to make the most out of it!

Baby shower poems are unique because they are the most personalized way to open up. Honest gratitude for the baby shower gifts can be expressed during the favors if you are the happy mother to be. Joy and light can be spread by guests when they read their own baby shower poems. And of course spreading the good news of the baby welcoming on the baby shower invitations is a cool way for the host to make it as personal as it can get. It will set the tone of a very emotional party that everyone will enjoy!

These fabulous baby shower poems are something more than just words. They incorporate the most memorable moments that you will have from the party. They can be the legacy for the baby. Imagine your son or daughter growing up and reading these poems after 20 years. Some of the people who wrote them might be strangers, others might be close to them and some other not in life. But they can live through their writings. Thus, we can’t highlight more the importance of making an effort to write inspiring baby shower poems that will stand out from any other form of poetry.

Baby Shower Poems to use on Invitations

Have you thought about using baby shower poems on your party invitations? If not, then now it’s the time to do so. It’s never too late to change your plans and add a few words that come out of the heart. They will illuminate your invitations and create a welcoming feeling to your friends who will eventually receive the invitations. If you need more help with the design and themes of your invitations, don’t miss our unique suggestions. For specific help with poems, you can also check these wording tips.

Allow at least 1 hour to sit down, relax and try your best to come up with baby shower poems that fit the overall theme. For example, if this is an owl themed party, then you should have at least 2-3 mentions to owls. If you are struggling to find a way to blend these items, don’t worry about it too much. The most important thing is to make it unique. If you still find it too hard for you conversing this way, then you can always hire a professional to help you out. They have all the experience to literally take words out of your mind and jot them down. It can add to the overall baby shower budget, but it’s a cost worth while. Baby shower poems from professionals can elevate your invitations in the premier league of shower planning!

Baby Shower Poems

Thank You Baby Shower Poems

These baby shower poems are designed to thank the people you have attended your party. It’s important to honor your family, friends and coworkers for coming. Don’t forget that life is short and you should not take things for granted. They have given the time, attention and gifts. Now it’s time to express your gratitude for their generosity. Show them how happy you are that they could come and enjoy this beautiful day with you. Express how overjoyed you feel that you could spend such a momentus occasion with the people you care most. If you are not comfortable with saying thank you over the phone, writing down a thank you poem is the best way to overcome your fear.

Thank you cards are the most appropriate way to respond to people that send their baby shower gifts without showing up. They must have had a good reason not to make it. Either they were too far, or something urgent came up last minute. They might have missed it because they were terribly sick. But they didn’t forget to send you a gift. So, they too deserve a big thank you from the parents. If you need some cool ideas, you can check these thank you quotes for every occasion. They include a special section for baby shower poems that can be used in these cases!

Baby Shower Poems - Thank you

Books Instead of Baby Shower Poems

That’s a new trend that started a few years ago. The concept is based on the fact that cards usually end up in a box and no one actually reads a second time. While this is not true for every family, we can’t ignore the fact that it can be the case for modern children that spend most of their free time on line. If you wish to give baby shower poems with a more practical tone, then bring a book instead of a card!

Books are more valuable than cards because they have a wealth of information and they can shape children’s imagination. Baby books have vivid colors and tell amazing stories with heroes that save princess from dragons. You can use the front page to dedicate the book to the new baby. Write your own poem on the front page and bring the book as a cool add-on baby shower gift. Parents will love the idea and your poem is still going to be immortalized as it’s going to be written down. Get these adorable “Please Bring A Book” cards that can be sent along with your Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed invitations for only $3.50 from The Printable Occasion Etsy store (see sample below).

Baby Shower Poems - Bring a Book

Baby Shower Poems in Favors

Cherish the moment and say thank you in rhyme. Emotions and verse are a perfect match and you can create a nice warm feeling. Poems’ sentiment and prayer can be expressed in baby shower favors. Highlight the fact that the new baby is extremely lucky to have so generous people around them. You all love her or him as their true guardian angels. Baby shower poems in favors can also be funny. Use a bit of humour and put a smile on your guests’ face. Imagine them laughing when they see the favors. Check how cute this short poem looks on the cherry blossom hand sanitizer baby shower favor tag. This is ideal for a pink themed baby shower if the mother to be expects a baby girl. Your guests will die from absolute cuteness!

Baby Shower Poems - Favor Tags

Did you like our baby shower poems? Have you been inspired to write your own poem on invitations, thank you cards or favor tags? We are sure that you have a poet hidden deep inside you. Open up and let your imagination free. Your creativity is endless and now it’s the perfect time to show off your writing skills. Good luck!

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