Baby Shower Supplies: The Ultimate Checklist

February 4, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

The most complete checklist of all the baby shower supplies you will need for your party. We promise you won’t have to look for anything else! We have gathered all the information in this super post to make your life easier. You might not have the time or the experience to hand all the little details. And that’s normal. Planning a baby shower for the first time is not the easiest project you will find. It needs good coordination and even better preparation. The baby shower supplies you will need for the big day are all gathered here.

So let’s break it down for you and go through each of the baby shower supplies one by one. We’ll have the opportunity to dive into more details with links to other parts of where we analyze in more depth each feature.

Baby Shower Supplies: Invitations

Every party starts by an invitation. Even in our computer era where we are so used to Facebook, smartphones and e-mail, you still have to send a printed card for big occasions. Our Your baby shower supplies checklist starts with the printed cards you will need to send to your guests. Invitations need to have the color scheme with the overall baby shower theme. The date of the party and the location of the venue are critical information. Don’t forget RSVP cards asking your friends and family to complete and return by post. This will help you build your guest list and determine the amount of food and drinks you will need. Time wise, baby shower invitations are usually sent at least a month before the big day. Allow sufficient time for postal services to do their work (remember, it’s not an e-mail, so it’s not instant delivery)! Add a bit of extra time if the baby shower is close to major holiday breaks like Thanks Giving or Christmas when people use the post office more often to send greeting cards.

Baby Shower Supplies - Invitations

If you need ideas about what to write in the baby shower invitations, feel free to dig around in our wording tips section. If you feel a bit more creative, then you can get inspired from these amazing baby shower poems that can surpirse any invitation receiver. Check your budget and see what kind of invitations you can afford. Shop around and get as many quotes as you can from your local shops. On-line stores are also a great way to browse baby shower invitations and compare prices.

You can also find free invitations that you can print by yourself, using your printer. Greetings Island have a huge collection of free printable invitations that you can customize using different themes, colors and fonts. Sort by popularity to get the best designs. Sory by newest to get the most recent designs that are fresh out of the print and have better chances to be seen as unique since they might have not been used in another baby shower before. If you know the gender of the baby, you can also use the boy / girl filter to get blue / pink themes respectively.

Baby Shower Supplies: Thank you Cards

This is actually something that you will need at the end of the party. You might wonder why we put it second on our baby shower supplies checklist instead of last. The reason is because most people forget about it. Once the party is over, they feel so tired and exhausted, they can’t be bothered to do anything else as a follow-up. But people that did show up in your part or sent you a gift did not forget to do so. Please take some time now to prepare your thank you cards before hand so that they are nice and ready when the time comes.

Showing gratitude is the highest quality a person can have. In our modern fast paced society, we tend to forget how important is to close the circle of gratitude by returning a simple “thank you” to our friends that have stunned us with their generocity. Preparing these warm baby shower supplies straight after your invitations, will ensure they have a common theme so that they blend in with the rest of the baby shower neatly. It’s going to be the best closure to your baby shower with a memorable card that will remind your guest the great time they had in your party. Get inspired by these unique thank you quotes and feel free to add your personal touch. If you don’t feel creative at all, you can just send a thank you card with a cool baby shower theme like the bow tie design featured below, suitable for baby boy showers. Notice the personalization elements, name of mom Veronica and new baby Felix. Did you know that Hugh Grant has a baby boy called Felix? Check it out along with other top celebrities baby names!

Baby Shower Supplies - Thank you Cards

Baby Shower Supplies: Games and Prizes

You’ve ordered the baby shower invitations and thank you cards. Perfect, you are already making great progress! What’s next? The baby shower supplies you have to think next are the crafts you will need for the various activities and games of your party. These fun baby shower party games will not just happen by themselves! Someone need to prepare them! Depending on who’s invited (is it a family baby shower or a coworkers baby shower) these games can vary, from the all time favorites to the most unique, unusual and daring games you’ve ever seen! Make sure you have all the right equipment, like diapers and baby pacifiers (useful if you play the baby version of Who Am I?). If you have word games in play, like Baby Boggle, make sure you download and print enough paper templates for all your guests. Once again, make sure the colors and themes are synchronized with the overall baby shower theme. Devil is in the details!

Hold on, I think we have a winner here! Brilliant, congratulations you just found the next champion of the Name Game! Wait, what’s his prize? Yes, you need to think of these prizes as some small gifts that will help people remember the fun time they had during the baby shower games. It’s sometimes appropriate to give a symbolic gift to all participants, especially if you ask them to bring something from home, like a photo of them when they were babies, as you would for the Who is Who game.

Baby Shower Supplies: Decoration of Venue

This is applicable only in large baby showers that have many guests. If you can’t host the baby shower in your home due to a long guestlist, then you need to hire a venue. As it’s not yours to control, you will need to allow enough time to set it up as per your master plan. Decorations, food and drinks, everything needs to be in place and you have to make sure your guidelines are respected at all times. Always have in mind the overall baby shower theme and the details will follow. For example layette baby showers often have a clothesline all around the room. Get the clipped cutouts of baby clothes and hang them with colored paper. If you wish to treat your guests like celebrities, throw a Hollywood themed baby shower, using a red carpet in the entrance. You will get the Best Baby Shower Academy Award by popular demand!

Baby Shower Supplies - Decorations

Baby Shower Supplies: Food and Drinks

As we’ve seen above, you will need to refer back to your baby shower guest list by counting the RSVP that came back with a positive confirmation. Get enough baby shower supplies for food and drink because you having hungry or thirsty guests is just a disaster. Get at least 10% extra of what you think is OK, just to be on the safe side. Nobody is involved in activities or plays games with an empty stomach! The more choices you have, the better chances you will leave everyone satisfied. As you know food is always a matter of personal taste, so don’t hold yourself accountable for strange last minute requests that you can’t accommodate. By having at least some vegetarian and nut free food to avoid any alergies, you will be fine. Hire a catering company if you need help with professional design or if you have too many guests coming. They will be able to help you with the most amazing baby shower cakes, cupcakes, finger food and drinks. If you want to go the extra mile and move away from the usual soda served, we recommend having these awesome Preggatinis, the coolest non alcoholic cocktails for the mother to be!

Baby Shower Supplies - Preggatinis Coctail Drinks

Baby Shower Supplies: Favors & Souvenirs

Apart from thank you cards and game prizes, you also need to think about giving away baby shower favors as souvenirs of the memorable day you had. Plan your budget in a way that you don’t spend all your money on other baby shower supplies and leave this one last without too much thought. Favors and souvenirs can be inexpensive, all you need is to look around. Look for affordable baby shower favors deals on-line or your local mall. Ensure that your favors compliment the entire baby shower creating a lasting memory of the happy moments.

That’s it, you made it! You are now the next thing close to a professional baby shower planner. Get organized and gather all these baby shower supplies to eliminate any surprises. You now have the ultimate checklist, it’s up to you to make things happen. You can do it! When the baby shower is over, come back here and share your experiences. We would love to hear your story!

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