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February 20, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Bingo baby shower is an amazing theme for those who are big fans of the popular board game. It will give you endless fun and nice memories of an extremely successful baby shower. It is a classic baby shower theme and considered one of the safest bets you can have. Everyone loves bingo, it’s exciting and you never get bored of it!

The fact that most people already know the rules of bingo baby shower, it can utilized as an effective icebreaker among guests who are not familiar with each other. You will have to divide your friends in teams, and this can stimulate communication and interaction between them. Bingo baby shower can help your guests get to know each other faster than any other game or theme.

Bingo baby shower planning is so easy that anyone can manage without too much hussle. Even if you are a busy working person that don’t have too much time, you can still pull off an amazing bingo baby shower by following our simple step-by-step guide:

Supplies for Bingo Baby Shower

The first thing on your list should be getting the bingo cards and some markers. You don’t have to worry about gifts and snacks now, you can prepare these seperately. You, as the host of the shower, should have the cards ready before the party starts. However, in some cases it is also appropriate to ask your guests to bring their own hand made cards. This can be more difficult to manage because you can’t be sure if they will spend the time to prepare as they should. Preperation is key, and as a host it’s better to have everything ready to eliminate any bad surprises. You can buy Baby Shower Bingo Game online that includes 15 bingo cards. The set also comes with markers and caller cards. The beautiful pastel color stands out as premium quality that your guests will love!

baby shower bingo set

Bingo baby shower themes are also super fun! For example, check out this awesome Wild Safari Baby Shower Bingo Set. When you open the lovely box, you will find 428 pieces per set in one unique theme that can blend in with your overall safari baby shower theme. Cute elephants, funny lions, tropical birds and funny looking tigers with vivid colors will set the mood and entertain your guests!

baby shower bingo safari

Bingo baby shower is all about writing down the gifts you expect. In some other forms of bingo baby shower, guests will draw nice pictures related to babies. Unleash your friends creativity in this fun and interactive way and see amazing draws on the cards! The most popular bingo baby shower cards have 25 blocks (5×5 ) or 36 blocks (9×9). We don’t recommend going further than that as it will be too complex and difficult to end. A successsful game needs to be simple without too much effort. After all, it is a party! Celebrating the arrival of the new baby is the key reason you got there in the first place, not to compete with each other to death.

Bingo Baby Shower Rules

So how are you going to play bingo baby shower games? In case you haven’t played this cool bingo version before, follow these simple rules. The host usually deals the cards to each player. Guests are then expected to draw all things baby. Pacifiers, high chairs, bathtubs for infants, baby slings or even a diaper! If you are a natural drawing talent, you can even go for more complicated items like a baby stroller. Now it’s your chance to show off your advanced shadowing techniques that you developed over the years!

bingo baby shower template

The cards are then thrown in a box or a hat and you (the host) will mix them together. Get the future mother to draw the cards and read the name out loud. Players should match the names to pictures found on their bingo baby shower cards. The first player to fill up every single item on their card, wins! You can prepare a small gift for your winner, something cute and symbolic to remind the amazing time you had on your baby shower.

Similar rules apply for the second version of the bingo baby shower, where you will ask guests to guess the baby shower gifts. Each time the mother to be unwrapps a new gift and reveals the present, players mark down the gifts that they have on their bingo baby shower cards. The highlight of the game is of course the moment that someone shouts Bingo! This means that she has filled all the gift items on her card and she won the game. A bit of luck is always handy in bingo baby shower games, don’t you think?

Even if your guests come from a different age group, they can all have fun and enjoy with this simple bingo baby shower theme. It’s so easy that even little children or elder people can follow without any trouble! That makes it perfect for family oriented baby showers that can have invited grandparents and granchildren.

Follow the trend and get into the bingo baby shower craze. You will create lasting memories of fun as you will have players hooked up for hours and hours. People can’t have enough of bingo baby shower games, and it will be a sure hit for the party of the year!

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