Baby Shower Themes: 7 All Time Classic Themes

January 16, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower themes can turn the party into an unforgettable experience. We guarantee endless fun with these 7 classic baby shower themes loved by so many parents in the past. They are a safe bet for success as they have been tried with great results. You can be creative and do something more unique, but it can end up awkward. Guests need to feel comfortable with the baby shower themes you will pick in order to relax and have a good time.

Preparation is key for these baby shower themes. As they are not generic, you will need to pay attention to little details. From the color of decoration to the cake and from the baby shower favors to the invitations, your theme will create an entire concept. Baby shower themes can be either humorous, blending funny with adorable, or they can be more serious with certain rules that need to be adhered. The secret is to try to enjoy the ride as much as you can. Be flexible and be yourself. Choose among the 7 following baby shower themes the one that is closer to your style and character. Make sure you don’t forget the parents personality. At the end of the day, it’s supposed to be for them and their new baby. If you are not sure, try to get as much information as possible from friends. The more feedback you get, the better results!

Now it’s time to have a closer look in the 7 most popular baby shower themes of all times!

Baby Shower Themes – Baby bottles

Baby bottles can be the base of entire baby shower themes. You can use the bottles as lovely containers of not only water. For example, fill them up with game prizes and you instantly have something different. There are many customized crafts available on-line. You decide the theme and give them a project brief. They will come up with the baby bottle concept and you normally get to make some final adjustments to make it perfect. Once you are sure it’s ready, you agree on the quantity and the price and you place the order. Make sure you discuss about delivery and quality with your vendor. Try to describe your needs in full details to avoid any nasty surprises!

baby shower themes bottles

Baby Shower Themes – Teddy bear

Just take a look at what Lavender Pudding has put together! Teddy bear is one of the most amazing baby shower themes you can have and they can help you build it step-by-step. It was designed for a mom who knew the gender of her baby. It was a boy, so baby shower themes with teddy bears were ideal for her. If you too know the gender of the baby, then you might want to go that road as well. Teddy bears are so sweet and adorable that everybody will love it. It’s like they are opening their arms to hug you, just like a baby would do. Match the brown color to the buttons and the cakes to finish it up with a unique touch.

Baby Shower Themes - Teddy bear

Baby Shower Themes – Diapers

This is the point where baby shower themes start to get funny! Start with diaper invitations to set the tone right from the beginning. Kindly ask your guest to bring their baby shower gifts in a diaper (not sure what to buy? check these baby shower gift guide with 10 tips to find the perfect gift). Extra bonus: get to save $$ on diapers if you keep the “wrapping” of the gifts! This amazing and funny theme can be completed with an extravaganza way: a baby shower diaper cake like the one pictured below!

Baby Shower Themes - Diapers

Baby Shower Themes – Fairytale

With so many fairytale characters in cartoons, movies and TV series, you will have no trouble choosing the one that you really like. Cinderella is one of the all time classic baby shower themes, but there are dozen of other options like Snow White. If you know the gender of the baby and it’s going to be a boy, Peter Pan is also popular and safe choice. Go through the rest of our guide to learn how you can link it with colors and other fun elements of your ideal baby shower.

Baby Shower Themes – Nursery rhyme

It’s time to think about the baby shower games as well. One of the most popular baby shower themes are the ones with a nursery rhyme. Just pick a character like Little Bo Peep. Alternatively you can use Humpty Dumpty. Or if you want something more famous, go for Mother Goose. It doesn’t matter what you choose. As long as you use it throughout your baby shower, starting from the invitations. Then use a nursery rhym quiz to add some fun with this popular baby shower game. You can get them from Etsy for only $6.50 which comes in two colors, blue for baby boys and pink for baby girls. You can get a sample PDF from greysquare Etsy shop and get a better feeling of this cute nursery rhyme quiz.

Baby Shower Themes - Nursery rhyme

Baby Shower Themes – Twins

Noah’s inspiring story of how he preserved all animal life by bringing at least one pair of each species in his ark, can guide you too! How? By chosing one of the top baby shower themes especially for mothers who expect twins. Everything will come in pairs of two. Yeah, that’s right, that includes gifts. Double the fun with the famous two by two baby shower. Noah’s ark can be the centerpiece of the party, with animals hanging around everywhere. Let your creative self free to build the most memorable party of your life!

Baby Shower Themes - Twins

Baby Shower Themes – Colors

Last but not least, colors are by far the safest baby shower theme. It’s not just pink and blue anymore. You can have all sorts of different colors for your party. Spice it up with an orange and mocha color scheme. The result of this combination is eye popping! See some examples below to get help you get inspired! Alternatively, if you are an eco-friendly type of person who wants to pass a message, you can choose a green color baby shower theme. Connect it with trees and flowers. Future parents who happen to be vegeterian will love it.

Baby Shower Themes - Colors

That’s the 7 most popular baby shower themes, but opportunities are really endless. We are here to help you with more unique ideas and you will find different resources to unleash your creativity. Put in motion the innovative part of you and you will create things you never dreamed of. Good luck!

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