5 Fun Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice

January 31, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Fun baby shower games can infuse a serious amount of amusement in your party. Check five unique games that will break the ice and get the party started! The most important thing to remember is that fun baby shower games need to be short. If not, you are flirting with the dangerous boring zone. You don’t have to go there. Don’t let your fun baby shower games go on forever. Timing is everything and we are going to show you how to keep things nicely organized.

As you can imagine, fun baby shower games will be inevitably associated with babies. They can be utilized to brake the ice among strangers. Don’t expect everyone to know each other. Mom’s auntie from Brooklyn doesn’t necessarily know the rest of the girlfriends from the NYC office. It’s crucial to have a get to know us better type of fun baby shower games to make everyone feel included. All your guests need to have the feeling that they belong in this party and active involvement is a key trick to grab their attention.

Now let’s think about the time. First thing you need to ask yourself would be if food is going to be served in your baby shower. If not, you can expect to have time to play at least two or even three fun baby shower games, depending on the number of guests. Don’t settle down with only one game as it can pass very quickly and you’ll be left with no ideas to keep the fun going. It’s also a great idea to be prepared for a game not to be so much interactive or amusing. In this case, you might want to have a different game ready as a back up plan. You know what they say: success is preparation meets timing.

So let’s get you prepared and set-up the scene for these super fun baby shower games!

5 Ways to Break the Ice with Fun Baby Shower Games

First things first. You need to have some kind of introductions to make your guests feel more comfortable. Getting to know each other is a great way to break the ice as people tend to feel uneasy when they are among strangers. This particularly important for large baby showers with many guests (wondering who to invite? Check out our baby shower guest list tips and get organized before the big day!).

Baby Version of Who am I

A classic game for all ages, tailor made for baby showers. Guests are invited to stick a piece of paper with a celebrity’s name written on it. Then, they start asking closed questions that can be answered only with a yes or no. For example “Am I a singer?” “Yes”. “Am I female”? “Yes”. “Am I singing R&B?” “Yes”. “Am I Beyonce?” “Yes!”. OK this was a wild guess, but you get the point. Fun baby shower games like these have to be linked with babies or parents, so in this case pick only celebrity kids or famous people that recently had a baby. Using only cartoon names is also another option. There are no strict rules, so let your imagination free!

Baby Boggle

In this game, you will need to ask your guests to build a funny sentence that is related somehow to the new baby and the future parents (both mom and dad to be fair). Then count the number of words linked with baby your friends could come up with in four minutes. Remember, don’t let these games drag. Keep them short and sweet. At the end of this 4 minute break, each guest gets to read his or her list. Duplicates don’t count, so you have to cross them off. The winner is the one with the most remaining words.

Fun Baby Shower Games - Don't Say It

Don’t Say Baby

Upon arrival, give each of your friends a pacifier that they can wear around their neck. Get 24 colorful pieces for only $8.99 from KCraftDepot. Our favorite color combinations are Fuchsia and Turquoise. So you greet your guest at the door telling them how excited you are that they made it on your party and let them know that the entertainment starts right away with fun baby shower games like this one. They are going to ask which one? You then describe the house rules: no one is allowed to say “baby” in this room! Crazy, isn’t it? They are going to freak out! How are they suppose to do that? It is a baby shower after all! Well, that’s where the fun starts. Each time you hear some one saying “baby”, you get their pacifier. So you start to collect as much as you can, remaining careful not to lose any by saying the forbidden word. The person who has the most pacifiers by the time you have the baby shower cake wins an extra piece or extra cupcake as a fun reward!

Fun Baby Shower Games - Don't Say Baby

Who is Who

This game needs a bit of preparation from the guests. That’s why we suggest having such fun baby shower games only when you know the guests a bit better and you can be sure that you can trust them. Ask your friends to send you pictures of themselves when they were a baby. Then you shuffle them and ask each guest to take a guess and match each photo with the corresponding person. Newborn pics are even better, as it makes it harder. If it’s a family baby shower, then it’s going to be much easier because in some cases you don’t even have to ask for the photos. You already got them! You will cry from laughter when you see the results!

The Name Game

Last in our list of fun baby shower games to break the ice is the all-time classic name game. Start by asking your guests to make a note of two names that they think will suit the baby and don’t reveal them until the game starts. This can be done even if the parents have already chosen a name for the baby (if not, and they need help, you can always recommend one of the popular baby names 2014). In this scenario, you will have to imagine that the baby does not have a name yet. Then ask the players to come up with as many words as they can using the names they have chosen. To make things more interesting, introduce a new rule: only words with four or more letter will be accepted. Shorter words will not be counted.The person who gets the most names wins. Remember, players have to keep their two names secret as the rest of the players will have to guess them only from the words that were made using these names. Simple and easy!

Have you heard any other fun baby shower games that can be used to break the ice? We would love to hear about them! Leave us a comment with your own experience going into a baby shower where you knew only the mother to be but still felt like you were among close friends and had a great time. Priceless moments deserve to be shared!

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