How to Decorate for a Baby Shower

May 27, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Learning how to decorate for a baby shower is going to be one of the most important parts of your duties as the host of the party. Don’t spend a fortune, let us show you how you can have affordable decorations for a wonderful baby shower. Either it’s a boy or a girl, or even if you don’t really know the gender of the baby, our simple advice will guide you through the secrets of a successful baby shower decoration. Read on to discover them all!

One of the biggest tasks of the host of any kind of party is making sure that they create a pleasant atmosphere that has an amazing surrounding. If you want this in your party, you will have to master the secrets of how to decorate for a baby shower. First of all you have to think that each baby shower has a unique theme. This is the single most important thing to remember because it ties all the decorations together, creating a unified experience for your guests. It will also make your life easier because the baby shower theme will guide you in every single choice you make. It can also help you save money as you will avoid unnecessary spending in items that might look cute on the counter but don’t actually fit in with the rest of the theme.

How to decorate for a baby shower nursery theme

One of the 7 all time classic baby shower themes is the nursery theme. We’ll give you an example of how it can guide you and help you to complete the decorations in no time. This particular theme allows you to include the gifts for the mom to be into the rest of the decor. If for example the baby is having a Noah’s Ark, it’s a fun idea to get all kinds of animals stuffed into the decorations. The same goes with the a farm baby shower theme, or even a jungle. The more colors you add, the better the result! Baby shower is a party so you have to make it a happy occasion that will strike your guests as a moment to remember for years and years!

How to Decorate for a Baby Shower

How to decorate for a baby shower star theme

If nature is not really your thing and you prefer an out-of-this-world experience (especially if you are a die hard fan of Star Trek or Star Wars), you can have a little fun with DIY decorations. All you need to do is cut out stars, some of them big and some of them small to fill the empty space. Next step would be to get a gold or silver spray and paint them like a graffiti. Make sure you don’t mess up your carpet or floor, it’s a good idea to do this somewhere safe, perhaps at your back yard. Then you let them dry for about half an hour and they are ready to hang on the ceiling. For a perfect finish, buy some star confetti and spread it evenly on the tables to create a sense of magic area. Wire garland could also fit in this baby shower decoration as it’s a magnificent way to compliment your theme. You can also have napkins with stars, candles with stars or even tablecloths. The perfect gift for this occasion would be this amazing Star Wars Yoda Jedi in Training infant bodysuit.

How to decorate for a baby shower: Menu

The most successful baby shower I’ve ever been, the menu is always on display. That’s a great way to let your guests know more about the food. Trust me, everyone will be interested on that because all guests enjoy eating most of all! Wondering how to decorate for a baby shower menu? Don’t worry, it’s so simple that you can do it in minutes. Visit and find many different baby shower menus that will surely fit your style. You can even customize the menu online depending on what you are going to offer as lunch / dinner for your guests. They come in gorgeous 5.5 x 8.5 in. size (half-page) featuring a clothesline of baby gifts in sweet pastels. It looks very professional, the way that menus are presented in restaurants. Appetizers go first along with the variety of bread and salad, followed by the main course. Deserts are naturally in the end and some baby shower hosts prefer to add the beverage too. Check a sample screenshot below and if you like what you see, just give them a free call at (800) 452-2234 to discuss your project details.

How to Decorate for a Baby Shower

How to decorate for a baby shower: Flowers

Women love flowers, and let’s face it. Most of your guests will be women, so it’s no secret that flowers can act as amazing baby shower decorations, regardless of the theme you pick. Go visit your local florists and get a few quotes. Compare prices so that you make sure you get the best deal for the budget you have. I would not recommend looking for flowers in floral departments in supermarkets as they never match the quality of independent and specialized florists. They can be cheaper, but the overall result is in most cases disappointing. Most shops are so unique that they treat flower arrangements as art, you will be surprised by the final result that can be achieved for a small price. Give it a try and impress your guests! If you want to know how to decorate for a baby shower that will really make a difference, you can get these lovely pink Pom Poms from Martha Stewart Crafts that can compliment your flower arrangements like heaven. Prepare with no hassle 5 pom poms in two different size with easy instructions and create an exclusive aura of peace and happiness!

How to Decorate for a Baby Shower

How to decorate for a baby shower outdoors

If you decided to host an outdoors party, we must have a different set of advice for how to decorate a baby shower. A yard sign which can act like a cute banner that announce the name of the baby is your first stop. After the party, you can carefully take it out and hand it to the future mother as a gift. This way you will create lasting memories and save some money, clever isn’t it?

Did you find cool ideas on how to decorate for a baby shower? I’m sure you are now feeling more comfortable that you can make it on your own! But, there is always professional help that you can depend on should you need it. If you are too busy and time is working against you, there is always a plan b of hiring someone to decorate your baby shower. It’s no shame to have some external help, a lot of people do it these days as we are all busy with our hectic schedule. Just make sure you are somehow involved in this process otherwise you might miss all the fun!

Enjoy your party!

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