Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

September 3, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Popular baby shower gifts 2015 are bringing you the latest trends in presents. Discover dozens of cool baby shower gift ideas for all budgets! We have analyzed the most up-to-date shopping habits looking at which presents are rising fast as best selling options in malls. Then we grouped all popular baby shower gifts 2015 in distinct groups so that it’s easier for you to identify what’s the best option for you. There is absolutely no need to know anything about babies, we will help you make the right choice depending on your personal taste and the future parents style.

If you are attending a baby shower soon and wondering what present to buy, you’ve definitely reached the right place! Discover the most popular baby shower gifts 2015 and join this happy time with your friends and the baby’s family. The appropriate present will be the most memorable moment of the baby shower because it’s the gifts that stay after the day passes. So make sure you do your home work and choose the best baby shower gift!

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015: Clothes

Clothes are usually high on the agenda of baby shower gifts because they are a safe bet. You can’t go wrong with buying cute clothes for the baby as it’s something that their parents will definitely love. One of the best ideas for popular baby shower gifts 2015 will be to get a family pack with 4 fun, vintage looking t-shirts that read mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa. The final touch would be to add the “est. 2015” line at the bottom, the year that the baby is going to be born!

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

If the future parents are religious people, perhaps you should look for appropriate popular baby shower gifts 2015 related to God. An adorable outfit that can be given to either baby girls or baby boys born in a Christian family reads the clever sign “my parents prayed, God answered”. Thus, you give a funny touch to your gift while respecting your friends faith. A unique choice suitable for people who attend the Sunday service in church every week.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

For all those awesome clothes you will also need hangers to store them in your closet. One of the most popular baby shower gifts 2015 is the personalized hangers where you add the name of the baby and the date of birth. The sophisticated design of the hand made hangers is going to bring a personal touch that parents will appreciate. Apart from the wooden part, there is also a pant cross bar made by metal with clips on each side. Designed by Delovely Details they can be purchased for $15 each and delivered to you within a few days. The guys in Delovely Details are ready to help you with additional customization if needed for a small extra fee. All hangers are hand made in California, US, so you will also support a local designer and not some cheap manufacturing process from abroad.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015: Gift Basket

There is no size fits all solution for presents. However, gift basket can save you a lot of time from gathering all the little items you might possibly think in order to complete your list of essentials for the future mom and dad. We’ll show you some of the most popular baby shower gift baskets for 2015, based on the most up-to-date shopping trends we’ve spotted online. The mustache and sunglasses theme for a baby boy shower is a must! It contains a complete diaper set in an affordable price, a gift that is always appreciated by parents as it will help them cover a basic need.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

Are you an eco conscious person who respects planet earth? Then get this organic bath and body baby shower gift set wrapped in a beautiful crafted eco-planter in latte color. Ecological themes are among the most popular baby shower gifts 2015 since citizens demand more natural approach in every product and present. The gift basket contains Organic Body Butter, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Lavender Mist, Beeswax Candles and Organic Calendula Seeds. All packaging is made by recycled material.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

Animal baby shower themes are going to remain insanely popular in 2015. If you received a baby shower invitation that has elephants printed on it, then it’s time to consider a suitable present for the party. Take a look at the following adorable floppy elephant baby shower gift basket made for baby boys. Time to go beyond the usual teddy bear and choose a present that is hip and modern.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

If you happen to know that the father of the newborn baby is a huge sports fan, then “my first sports bag” is an ideal choice for him and the baby. His dad is certainly going to give him a lot of exposure to sports such as football, basketball or soccer. Fathers have a special bonding with their sons through sports, thus if the baby shower is dedicated to a baby boy, this is a perfect gift for both of them. If you wish to see the baby growing up to be an all-star athlete, here’s your chance to influence him early on!

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

Alternatively, you can make your own baby shower gift basket by selecting each item separately. It might take a bit longer, but it will be tailored made to match your style and budget. If you visit your local mall, you will everything you’ll ever imagine. The basket itself is important as it will carry a large part of the first impression. Make sure you invest a bit more when you make up your mind, it will be a shame to have a low quality basket holding cute gifts. That might spoil all the fun. Popular baby shower gifts 2015 are all about personal character and customization, so this idea is probably the one that scores the most points in this category.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015: Games

Games are the second most popular baby shower gifts 2015 category after clothes. All kids love to play with games, and the new baby is not going to be an exception! You can never have too many games for your children. They can quickly get bored of them. The future parents will need as many games as they can to keep the baby happy. Nobody wants to see him or her cry! Some of the most popular baby shower gifts 2015 are educational games that can teach the baby a few lessons. Make sure you check the age range before you buy something as you don’t want to get a present that is not usable straight away. Lego for example can be a magnificent choice, but they are better to give as a present in a later stage of children’s life. On the contrary, less complicated games like the following DIY sensory board can work wonders for the future baby as it can develop some basic senses for the baby in a really early age. Follow these instructions and create your own kit!

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015: Banners

If you are organizing a baby shower and would like to have a dedicated corner in your venue for the presents, then you need to consider one of the following baby shower gifts 2015 banners. They can be used as a lovely sign that help guests place their gifts in the right place. Banners can be used to compliment the overall baby shower decoration. In fact, they are often part of the theme. Pay attention to the color scheme and the font type. They need to be clear but delicate in order not to be seen as too aggressive. Here’s an adorable banner example.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015: Pillow Covers

One of the latest trends in presents is customizing pillow covers for the baby. The Welcome sign remains among the most popular baby shower gifts 2015 and you can add the name of the baby (if known) to make it more personal. For complete customization, there is also an option to add the birth day of the baby. A memorable gift that will be there to remind every one in the family the happy times of giving birth and welcoming a new baby into this beautiful world.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015: Tags

Remember that your gifts need to match the overall baby shower theme. A cool idea to achieve this is by adding matching baby shower tags to your gifts. This can add a fine personalization element that will make your gifts unique. For example, if you received a nautical themed baby shower invitation 2015, then you can surprise the parents by adding some cool nautical tags like the ones featured below. The blue anchor is for a baby boy shower (Ahoy, it’s a boy!) and green is for baby showers where the gender is a surprise.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015: Thank You Notes

Alright, you have picked the best gift ever and you are happy with your choice. You can’t wait until the moment comes when the future mom opens the present and check out your present. She seems happy and you are over excited with joy. Few days later, you receive a thank you note from the mom and dad of the baby with a cute thank you quote hand written on it. Isn’t that the best idea ever to make your guests feel super special and unique? Thank you notes complete the circle of love spreading good vibes to all the guests. So if it was you who received the presents, we highly recommend you download this elegant rustic theme card that has a vintage cool Aztek thank you sign pre-printed. There is enough space to add your own quote making it as personal as you wish.

Popular Baby Shower Gifts 2015

Did you like our exclusive collection of the most popular baby shower gifts 2015? We are happy to hear your opinion. Feel free to use the form below to leave us a comment with your own suggestions. It’s amazing when people interact and share their feelings, so come on don’t be shy!

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