Unique Baby Shower Games

November 15, 2013
Baby Shower Ideas

Unique baby shower games can make any baby shower exceptional! Surprise your guests with 10 exclusive ideas for the best baby shower games they’ve ever seen! Breaking the ice is the first and most important part of any baby shower. That’s why you’ll need to have some games in order to get people going and grab their attention. Think about it as an exercise for elder people to feel like little children again.

Baby shower games need to be unique if you want to differentiate from the other popular baby shower games you’ve been before. Nobody likes repeating the same games again and again. I’m sure you’ve taken part in plenty of baby shower games that all looked more or less the same. Why don’t you offer something new and fresh to your guests so that they leave with a smile in their face?

Here’s the most unique and special baby shower games you will find on the internet!

The Most Unique Baby Shower Games

Build Babies with Play-Doh: this unique modeling compound allows people to get creative. Your guest will be given Play-Doh and you will have the honor to be the judge. Don’t forget to set an alarm as timing needs to be specific. Allow five to ten minutes before your friends give it a go and sculpt a baby! At the end of this fun session, you will mark each creation and give an award for the most creative, the funniest and the most realistic result. Using different categories will help you give more awards making more guests happy and proud of what they have accomplished in such a short time!

Bobbing for Nipples: an all time favorite for men! We are sure that all male guests are going to love this one! It’s important to keep them happy too since you can’t have people feeling left behind. Remember, baby shower games need to include everyone and involve them as much as possible. Prepare for this game by aligning a row of buckets full with water. Now drop into each one of them some baby bottle nipples. Each player gets down on his/her knees with their hands behind their back. Time starts ticking and the winner is the person who bobs the most nipples in three minutes.

Dirty Diapers: time to get your hands dirty! There is no shame in cleaning your baby’s diapers and you have to show off that you are totally cool with it. The only difference is that you have to clean the poo with your mouth. By the time you announce the rules of this kind of unique baby shower games, your guests will definitely go “eeewwwhhh”. But there is a catch! The diapers will be in fact filled with delicious dark chocolate. Still, their mind will make the mental connection as it’s difficult to overcome the concept of a dirty by poo diapers, especially if your guests are already parents. The winner is the one who guesses which kind of chocolate each diaper is filled in with.

Bottoms Up!: this one is for the drinkers, and as you can imagine, it’s among the baby shower games that (younger and older) boys going to get super involved! The set-up is easy. Fill as many baby bottles as you can with different kind of drinks. Be careful to make a note which ones contain alcoholic beverages and hand them to grown ups. We don’t want you to get in trouble on your special baby shower day! The winner of this unique baby shower game is the one who drinks faster than anyone else, shouting “Bottoms Up!” as a sign that he has finished his baby bottle. Remember, there is no second chance here, as people might get tipsy after a couple of rounds!

Take out the measure: since you are reading this article about unique baby shower games, our guess is that you are already pregnant! Or if you are the father-to-be, you know that your wife is getting rounder and has a cute bum that holds your beautiful baby inside. Have you heard the news about the Chinese baby giant that was recently born 7kg (15lb 8oz) heavy? Imagine how big her tummy was! As the pregnancy belly is growing, a fun way to get used to your new size is to stand up and ask your guests to take a wild guess on the size of your waistline. Each of your friends will have to write down what they think, and in the end you invite one of them to actually come up and measure your belly! The obvious winner is the one who had the closer guess.

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Do you like our list of unique baby shower games? If you found them exceptional and fun, give it a go and let us know how it went. Leave us a comment on any other unique baby shower games you have encountered and we’ll make sure we’ll add them to our list!

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