Unique Baby Shower Invitations

January 27, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Unique baby shower invitations should have the element of fun in them in order to get your guests’ attention right from the start. Remember that this is the first interaction with the baby shower guests so it’s a unique opportunity to show that this party is not going to be the same with others. These days, with so many baby showers all year long, you will need to do something special to differentiate this special day of yours. Here’s some unique baby shower invitations ideas to help you out!

The most important thing is to try and find time to invest in preparing these unique baby shower invitations. You can always send an e-mail or invite your friends over the phone. But it’s just not the same with paper. It’s far more personal, and it gives the right message. It shows that you have personaly taken care of the baby shower invitations with love and consideration. It demonstrates your dedication to make this baby shower a truly memorable event for every one. It doesn’t matter if you will make them yourself or you’ll buy them from on-line shops that create unique baby shower invitations. As long as they are on paper, and sent by post, they are already ahead of the game.

Inserts for Unique Baby Shower Invitations

You can’t wait to start giving out baby shower gifts? That’s fine! Start by including some cute little items in the form of inserts that go along with the baby shower invitations. It could simply be a photo of the new baby (if it has already arrived) or a picture of the ultra sound if the mom to be is still pregnant. Love grows is a lovely invitation by Tiny Prints that has a fine turquoise color. Modern and square, these unique baby shower invitations can be ordered in different trims and paper quality. You can even have your guests RSVP on-line using their straight forward web service. The more you order, the less you will pay. Minimum invites 10 per order, costs $2.24 each dropping lower than $1 per invite if you order more than 100. See a screenshot of these unique baby shower invitations here:

Unique Baby Shower Invitations

a map to the venue where the baby shower is going to take place. By that, we don’t mean printing out a Google Maps screenshot of the address. Take a pen and a paper and try to draw it yourself. It would be much more fun. Either way, the address will be printed on the baby shower invitation along with the other necessary bits of information. If you are still not sure what to include in the invites, make sure you read our simple guide to baby shower invitations wording tips to ensure you don’t miss anything! Zazzle has cheap and affordable baby shower save the date magnets for as little as $3 each. Take a look and get inspired by their amazing collection!

baby shower save the date magnets

Baby Shower Z Fold Invitations

Z-fold designs are always fun because they unfold like magic in front of you. These unique baby shower invitations usualy have plenty of space for all the necessary information (date, time, place, RSVP, etc). If you find inserts a bit too much, or you don’t have the budget to do it, then you can get a pack of baby shower z fold invitations with a certain theme that fits the overall baby shower theme. For a jungle theme, you can choose these funny giraffe z-fold invitations with a pre printed message “You Are Invited!”. It’s very colorful and cute, your friends will love it! Get a pack of 6 from the Baby Shower Shop for only $3.95, that’s 40% off the original price, a real bargain!

unique baby shower invitations

Unique Baby Shower Invitations with Amazing RSVPs

RSVP cards are perfect to get a clear idea of the number of guests you will have on your special day. Simply ask your guests to let you know if they will be available on the day your baby shower will take place, and return it to you by mail. Make sure you include stamped postcards that are ready to be mailed, or envelopes to make your guests’ life easier. People are very busy these days, so they might say I’ll do it tomorrow. And before you know it, they forget about it, complicating the logistics of the baby shower. Helpful hints for the new mom are also a fun idea to include on your unique baby shower invitations RSVPs. If you are hosting a potluck, it’s also appropriate to ask your guests what kindof food and drinks they would bring along. Having an owl baby shower theme? Why don’t you compliment it with this owl RSVP card from Etsy store jjMcBean.

Unique Baby Shower Invitations RSVP card

Use Modern Art to Create Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Are you an art enthusiast? Do you visit MoMa often? Would you like to infuse a hint of popular modern art into your unique baby shower invitations? That’s fine! Tiny Prints has again the answer for you. They have designed a modern art invitation with chic yellow and green color variations. You can choose between their signature matte paper or opt-in for the pearl white shimmer (add $0.10 per card). The Premium DoubleThick matte is even better as it gives an executive feeling that get’s your baby shower invitation to the next level. Order your personalized sample for free here.

Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Memorable & Unique Baby Shower Invitations

You probably know already that elephants are known for their notorious memory. Scientists agree that elephants have a very strong memory and they never forget anything. Paper Culture built on that concept and created unique baby shower invitations with an adorable baby elephant in purple color cuddling with its mom in yellow. If you wish to play a bit more with the colors, there are four different variations to choose from. Pink and green for baby girls, brown and blue for baby boys, or purple and green if you don’t know the gender of the baby. Personalize these unique baby shower invitations according to the main theme and create everlasting memories! Get the adorable elephant theme invitations with premium paper at $1.99 for 30.

Unique Baby Shower Invitations

We bet that the future baby will love these unique baby shower invitations as much as the mom and dad. Have you got any other ideas? Have you received a great baby shower invitation that grabbed your attention? Share it with us! If you have any more suggestions for unique baby shower invitations, feel free to leave us a comment. We love feedback!

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