Unique Table Centerpieces for your Baby Shower

February 27, 2014
Baby Shower Ideas

Do you really want to present another floral arrangement as your baby shower centerpiece? Be different and choose these unique table centerpieces that will create a wow factor to all your guests. They are going to be the big hit of your party, so you have to put some serious thought on it. Balloons and flowers might be classic, but we are now living in a modern environment where we have so much more choices than that. Why stick to the usual when you can have amazing alternatives for unique table centerpieces? We will present you some cool ideas that will take your party to the next level!

Baby shower trends in 2014 bring new styles in decorations. Creative ideas are the ones that gain ground more and more. If you demonstrate innovation to your guests, you will steal the show and your baby shower will be the talk of the town for months. Unique table centerpieces can help you achieve this goal and we are here to tell you how exactly to do it.

Candles as Unique Table Centerpieces

Candles are among the best decorations you could have for your unique table centerpieces. You need to match the color of the candles with the overall baby shower theme. Contrast is also acceptable. Funky combinations can be tricky but they can pay off if you do your math. Did you know there is a whole lot of science behind matching colors? It’s what web designers use in order to match colors for the websites you visit. Colorblender is the most popular service of its kind and can assist you with matching colors of candles. If you need inspiration, take a look at the following amazing purple synthesis and then use your imagination to pick your own color scheme.

unique table centerpieces for baby shower

If you are a big fan of flowers and you can’t live without them, you can use them to surround your candles. This will create a more natural scene and will create a more eco-friendly atmosphere. Don’t forget that flowers are seasonal, and you need to pick the ones that are really fresh. If you want something extra ordinary, opt in for baby bottles instead of the usual vases. Go the extra mile and choose these amazing mini tissue paper flowers that will stand out from the crowd! Look how beautiful they look:

unique table centerpieces for baby shower paper tissue

Supplies for your Unique Table Centerpieces

Select the crafts that you will need carefully. Don’t sacrifice quality for a better price. Having said that, you shouldn’t buy expensive supplies just because they have a higher price tag. One thing is for certain. Quality has nothing to do with price. You can find nice affordable stuff if you look around. Take your time and do some shopping around from your local supply stores. Special craft shopes can also have many ideas for you. If time is more important for you, bigger malls like K-Mart can be helpful. Last but not least, you can find amazing prices on-line. Some of the best crafts available out there are web exclusive. The only thing is that you don’t get to touch and feel the supplies for your unique table centerpieces. You just have to read the product details carefully and look for other people’s feedback on the comments section. The variety of shops on Etsy is mind blowing, just do a search for unique table centerpieces and you will find dozens of suggestions!

Diaper Cake as a Unique Table Centerpieces

Hillarious and super fun, a cake that has been built from diapers can be the most amusing thing of your shower. Unique table centerpieces need to be appealing to all guests, to attract their attention and create a memorable effect. Diaper cakes can easily do the job, as they are a all-in-one solution. They are not only your baby shower centerpiece, but it can also act like a gift basket. Moreover, the baby items found on such cakes can be used by your guests while playing baby shower games.

DIY Unique Table Centerpieces

If you know your guests and you are certain that they are an energetic lot, then you can also chose the following fun activity to get everyone involved. Prepare and bake the baby shower cake! This will get everyone involved and will unleash their creative cooking! The entire process can be served as a unique baby shower centerpiece and the cake will proudly sit in the middle of your table.

Alternatively, you can use “crowd sourcing” techniques to help you out with the decorations! In this novel approach, DIY is not merely Do It Yourself. It’s plural, so it’s Do It Yourselves! Yes, that’s right. No more sitting around, doint nothing kind of baby shower. A few trusted guests, probably within the inner cyrcle of friends, will be invited a bit earlier in order to help you with the baby shower decorations. Be careful who to invite, you don’t want to disapoint anyone (check our guide on who to invite to nail this down).

unique table centerpieces diaper cake

Gift Basket Unique Table Centerpieces

We love gift baskets because they contain everything future mothers will need after the new baby arrives. You can use gift baskets as part of your unique table centerpieces in order to show your deep appreciation for all the generous presents you received from your friends. If the gift basket is in line with your overall theme, you’ll get extra kudos! For examle, check the following four gift baskets from Beau Coup, for less than $100 each:

Bath time

unique table centerpieces baby shower gift baskets

Just Hoppin’ – Frog Themeunique table centerpieces baby shower gift basketsPrecious Baby – Ideal for Welcoming a Baby Girl

unique table centerpieces baby shower gift baskets

Welcome Baby Bassinet

unique table centerpieces baby shower gift baskets

Asian Unique Table Centerpieces

If you are planning to have an Asian theme for your baby shower, you can buy Japanese lanterns and use them as the base of each arrangement. One of the coolest idea we have seen, is to surround the lantern with bamboo pots. Another way is to use votive candles. If this sounds too difficult, you can also buy a ready to install Japanese baby shower kit from Insta Themes for only $20. Games included! Either way, you will need a traditional table setting from Japan or China to finish off your unique table centerpieces. Without doubt, your guests haven’t seen anything like this before, unless they have visited our site!

Have we given enough inspiration in order to choose among the best unique table centerpieces? Use your imagination to add more baby shower items into the mix. The possibilities are really endless. The ideas will flow once you relax and open up your mind. The most unforgettable moments of a baby shower come from distintive table centerpieces.

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